What should I do if the short -acting contraceptive is missed?

In other words, a while ago, the knowledge of Xiaobian finished the pregnancy stick, and received the news from MMs one after another, can you talk about the knowledge of contraceptives, and the boyfriend is unwilling to bring a sleeve …

Xiaobian adheres to the spirit of spreading contraceptives and saving millions of women, and determined to let everyone know about the contraceptive pill, so that girls will decide whether to choose this contraceptive method after getting.

Because I do n’t want everyone to see in the clouds, today I mainly tell you about short -acting oral contraceptives.

Short -acting oral contraceptives suitable for group:

1. There are more flexible fertility plans (there is no clear plan to say that it will be born or never regenerate);

2. Sexual partners are relatively fixed (you are sure that your other half will not be transmitted to your strange disease);

For such people, short -acting oral contraceptives should be the most convenient, easy -to -gain, economical, safe and comfortable contraceptive method.If you are satisfied with the above two, please continue to read.

Women have a physiological cycle. This is the most special place for women. The method of short -acting contraceptive pills is also cycle.So how to eat love and love is the safest?

Oral orally is usually a round of 4 weeks. Take 21 consecutive days in a row, or take it for 24 days in a row and eat white slices for 4 days.Different brands are slightly different. The blank sheet is actually to develop the habit of continuous use.

The most common way of taking is to start eating on the first day of menstruation, so that you can get contraception protection immediately.If you start eating at the 2-5 days of the menstrual period, you should wear a cover if you want to love love in the next seven days.Of course, only the first cycle needs to be done, and then you can turn over the clouds unscrupulously.

If you take it properly, love in four or seven days is also safer, and the anti -medium standard value is high.

If MMs are the first time you try short -acting contraceptives, it is recommended to choose Xinma Fulon with the lowest estrogen content. It is an upgraded product. The estrogen content is only 20 micrograms. Usually the estrogen content on the market on the market is30-35 micrograms.Although the dose of this level is also very safe, the less estrogen content is, the better.

Some sloppy girls may ask for more than 20 days in a row. What should I do if I miss it?Will you get pregnant?

Due to the low amount of short -acting oral contraceptives and fast metabolism, once the omissions are missed, the contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced, so we take 12 hours as the boundary, and the specific problems are analyzed.

Within 12 hours -just make up for immediately, and take the next piece at the conventional time.

More than 12 hours -this depends on the 7 -day leakage of you, and take corresponding remedial measures according to time.

The first seven days -should be taken immediately for the pills of the omissions, and then take the pills normally, which means that you have to take two pieces of medicine today, and from today’s 7 days of sexual life need to bring a sleeve.If you have passed in the first 7 days before, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy. The longer the leakage time, the greater the possibility of pregnancy.

The second seven days -should be taken as soon as possible, and then take the pills normally, which means that you have to take two pieces of medicine today. If you take the medicine on time before you missed the take, then OOXX does not need to bring a set of sets of suits.of.However, if you miss the medicine more than once, then you must bring a sleeve when oxx, and you must also prepare for pregnancy.

The third seven days -starting from today, if the first seven days have been missed, then please take the missing pills immediately, and then take the pills normally, so you may take two medicines.If OOXX needs to bring a sleeve after 7 days.In case of case, please skip the 7 -day stop of the medicine at the end of this box, and immediately start taking the next box of pills.

If you count from today, there are no leaks on time in the first seven days, then please take the missing pills immediately and take the pills normally in the future, so you may take two pieces of medicine.Or start to stop the medicine for 7 days today, including the number of days of the omissions, and then continue to take the pills of the next cycle.

In case the next month after stopping, will the baby be unhealthy?

A large number of studies have proven that you can get pregnant after stopping taking short -acting oral contraceptives, which will not affect future fetus and fertility function.Another study has shown that not only will pregnancy after stopping the drug will not affect the fetus, even if you are pregnant and take it inadvertently, it will not increase the risk of terators.

If you want your baby, how long can you get pregnant after stopping the medicine?

Women are advised to stop after at least 3 months after stopping the medicine.

This suggestion helps you ensure that you can make your body reach the best health before you are pregnant. For example, you can have enough time to take folic acid, quit smoking or change other less healthy lifestyles from the beginning.

Once you stop taking contraceptives and preparing for pregnancy, it is best to write down your menstrual date, because your last menstrual date can help doctors determine when your baby is pregnant.Of course, to be a B -ultrasound for the early pregnancy checking age, it also helps determine your pregnancy date.

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