What should I do if the pregnancy stir has a fever?How to reduce fever during pregnancy ewat?Sheep raised people must master

Recently, there are many problems with the fever of pregnant stals encountered by our farmers. Many of us are afraid that improper medication will lead to miscarriage.In this article, let’s talk about encountering a fever in pregnant cows, and what medicine should we use to treat.Our farmers must collect it.

1. Removal.

The reason for the fever of sheep is mainly to have inflammation, so the choice of fever medicine is still mainly anti -inflammatory.

If sheep hair burning is not very serious, as long as its body temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, we can get like this: On the one hand, the cephalosporin, and the other side of the composite vitamin B, and the weight of the sheep can solve the low fever problem of the sheep.Essence

If the temperature of the sheep exceeds 40 ° C, this situation is a high fever, and severe high fever ewes may have a miscarriage.We can get this injection like this: On the one hand, the cephalosporin+aminobilin, or the cephalosporine, the cephal+fluorininine, and the other on the other side, and the other is to compound the vitamin B.At the same time, we can add to the drinking water of sheep: it is too guaranteed to open food, which can improve the immunity of the ewes and provide diversified nutrition for the ewes.

2. Annisone and preservation.

If our farmers want to get less sick during pregnancy, the work of security and fetal protection is important.The stuffed illness during pregnancy is mainly caused by low immunity.Many of us who breed cattle and sheep will ignore the health care of the livestock, so we often encounter problems such as difficulty in giving birth and death.During the stir during pregnancy, we can add it to it: Mother Ansho+Multi -Vita Pacific, which can improve the immunity during pregnancy and ensure the health of the ewes in pregnancy.Insufficient milk, no kind of planting, inflammation, etc. can be avoided to the greatest extent.

3. Improve the environment of the circle.

After the stroke is pregnant, the environment of the circle is very important. If the environment of the circle is not good, then the ewe will also be susceptible to illness. This is more than once mentioned.After the ewe is pregnant, we must provide a quiet and comfortable environment.We can use potassium hydrogen sulfate for disinfection in the circle, which can prevent the spread of many infectious diseases, which is important for ewes.

The method of treating antipyretic fever for ewe in this article is a method that our farmers have summarized. It is better to use it. Our farmers must master it.Pay attention to Xiao Jin, you can learn more useful breeding techniques from us.

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