What should I do if the hair is more and more after pregnancy? Is it necessary to use it for pregnant women?

I do n’t know if you dare to use the hot -selling shampoo and the sea, Sassoon, and Sassoon, anyway, I dare not!

Because it will really bald after use!

I can only say:

The cause of the oil and sudden cause of their hair is very simple, because preservatives are too much!

I even saw five or six stimulating ingredients in a bottle of shampoo!The scalp that makes me sensitive to stimulates a little more burden

After stepping on the mine, people are naturally eye -catching. In order not to be cut off by the merchants, they decided to deeply understand the shampoo ingredients for a thunder and grass.

Let me briefly talk about my hair condition:

It was originally dry and rigid. As the season and the hair were dry when the hair was dry, it would be dandruff and itching if it was not washed. Now it is a bit of a loss of hair because of staying up late to feed.

Once the scalp was out of oil, and the state of dandruff can be said to be very unstable. After 7 months of adjustment and care, the hair was finally raised to a healthy state.

Basically, no oil will not lose hair, and there are no dandruff.

Use a curly hair stick to make a hairstyle, which can be changed.

I have bought more than 10 shampoo in the past six months. Basically, a bottle of one month, the repurchase rate is relatively high. These 6 models are made.

The following are divided according to the efficacy, you can directly see the required part:

Overlord has also used Zi Lu, the effect and safety are not as good as it.If I hadn’t used it in person, I wouldn’t believe it. Now I have so much hair, thanks to this shampoo.

What is the most attractive to this shampoo is that it has a special number certificate. This certificate has high requirements for the efficacy of breeding products!

After using two sets of about 4 months, you can feel that the hair loss has become less.

The mental stress after giving birth to a child a year ago was a bit large and the schedule was not good, which caused the hair loss situation slightly seriously. The most serious one was to block the drainage channel.

After using the Farger to prevent shampoo for a month, the hair loss of the naked eye became less …

Second month

Third month

It can be said that my hair loss is basically stable after more than four months. Now walking at home, whether it is underground, bed, and bathrooms, the hair has rarely seen.

(Only representing personal experience, the actual effect varies from person to person.)

Every time I washed my hair, I looked at my hair to fall less and less pleasant.

The hair can also increase the face value, so ask who does not want to be small and beautiful!

Try this sister with hair troubles, and easily get rid of the troubles of hair loss ~~

Why can she have a special word number certificate mainly because the ingredients in it are very real!

All kinds of valuable hair care and hair medicinal materials are arranged for you, raising the scalp comfortably

Platform leaves: The main component of the anti -proof "Compendium of Materia Medica" records its anti -anti -departure effect. At the same time, Nanjing Normal University also has an experimental group to have a unique effect of the anti -detachment of the side cypress!

He Shouwu: The super precious hair care ingredients can be used in shampoo and can only be described in the word "luxury"!

Ginseng: Reduce hair loss and increase toughness, which has a protective effect on the scalp

Its taste is not like some anti -shampooing medicine on the market. It smells fresh and natural, which makes people very soothing and specially decompressed ~

The key shampoo+conditioner is only more than 100. It is less than 50-60 an activity. It is more reliable than the overlord that is table with 99 yuan.

If you are sensitive like me, you can use it with strong cleaning shampoo.

The scalp is slightly oily, and the dried person is recommended to use this shampoo. The main theme of the Silicon oil+amino acid table lives natural ingredients. Both sensitive muscles and pregnant women can be used.Essence

Moisturizing ingredients such as hydrolyzed milk protein and sodium hyaluronate can make the hair moisturize after washing the hair. Usually, it does not need to be washed clean with conditioner and will not irritate the scalp. It is particularly clean and fluffy.

The hair is really elegant after washing!

Difen’s full -bodied shampoo summarizes -very refreshing, the cleaning effect is stronger than Aminomason, because there is no silicone without silicone oil, it is a bit dry, and it is used when dandruff.

It is also a shampoo that is specifically dedicated to the dry and hairy hair. It adds Oxu-FUSION hydroxide molecules to protect the hair, which makes the hair feel fluffy after washing the hair.

The smell of shampoo itself is also relatively good, you can stick to your hair for two days after washing

The foam is also simple and basically 10s, and the foam will not have that kind of feeling that it can’t clean as soon as it is rushed.

The hair is very fluffy, and I feel that my hair is doubled. I really love it

This is a more advanced oil -controlled and removed shampoo. It is suitable for the time when it is easy to sweat in summer.

The promotion is 72 hours of oil control, but I basically wash it in two days, but it is used only when I go out of oil out of the summer!

But I have to say that the oil removal is really good. The ingredients containing salicylic acid can melt the oil in the hair follicles to avoid blocking hair. Micro -meter -grade almond beads can neutralize the stimulating protection scalp of salicylic acid.Hyaluronic acid protection scalp barrier and water -regulating water and oil balance, no silicone oil is safer

It’s really refreshing in summer!

If you have dandruff and itching, it is likely that the oil in the scalp is not clean. At this time, you can use a shampoo that is highly clean.

If you want to clean+moisturizing, you can use two shampoo mixed use or it will be a bit dry!

Let me show you the scalp situation that I ca n’t head for more than ten days in the summer

After using it for a week, the dandruff is significantly less, and it will not repeat it!

Shampoo with weak cleaning power is suitable for healthy scalp or mixing.

This one is recommended in the shops of Watsons. It happened that some friends and I recommended that I bought it for fine soft collapse, so I bought it.

However, the cleaning effect is indeed average. When the scalp was oily before, it found that it was not washed and dandruffled. Then I used it with L’Oreal Duefen. The moisturizing effect was really good to have rosemary and mother chrysanthemum extractionThe material component can moisturize and soothe, and has a good protective effect on the hair split.

The texture of the shampoo is relatively hydrated, and it is also very good. It is very recommended that the scalp is damaged or mixed.

After washing the hair, the hair is soft and very friendly. In my heart, it is stronger than the essence.

If your hair has experienced hot dyeing, fork, please do not let go of this bottle of shampoo and squeeze it hard!

My hair is the kind of rough and rough fork to turn yellow

After using this shampoo for about two months, the frizzy hair is much softened a lot. The hair that had no elastic hair in the past seemed to be resurrected.: Main anti -static and hair care, citric acid: It is mainly used for dredging hair follicles, oil dissolving effects, albinine: hair care soft effect

Although it is said that the hair quality will not look too much, but after you use a few times, you will feel that your hair will not feel so boring and easy to break, and even when you pull ittoughness

Pan Ting is an old brand. This can be done today’s strength is not blowing!

In the past six months, in addition to these 6 models, many other brands of shampoos have been used, but the overall feeling can still be recommended to recommend these 6 models. Of course, when choosing shampoo, it is adjusted in time according to your scalp.In addition to shampoo, oil is also related to daily diet, and more conditioning for healthy scalp!

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