What should I do if the fallopian tube blockage causes infertility?Three common methods to do so

Washing tubal blockage is a common factor that causes female infertility. Regarding the infertility caused by fallopian tube blocking, maybe the topic that everyone cares about most is how to treat the baby smoothly?Take medicine and injections?Still surgery?Today, let’s take a look ~

In fact, according to different blockages and the degree of blockage, everyone’s treatment method is also different!We introduce the following common ones. These methods may be treated with one of the specific conditions of each person, and may also have several treatments!Patient friends must be treated in a regular hospital according to the doctor’s order.

1. Donatta water (or liquid)

The principle of fallopian tubal water (or flux) the treatment of fallopian tube blocking is to clear the lumen and restore function.The fallopian tubal water is directly injected into the ovary liquid, and the adhesion of the fallopian tube through the mechanical effect of loosening the tube, which is used to promote the absorption of inflammation by drugs, eliminate tissue edema, solve the problem of fallopian tube obstruction, and make the fallopian tube unobstructed.

The fallopian tubal liquid is inserted only into the uterine cavity because the liquid pipe is inserted, and the liquid is injected into the uterine cavity before entering the fallopian tube, which has limited pressure obtained in the fallopurium.Only when the tubal block is very light, it can be dredged.In some cases, surgery cannot be turned on. For example, if the blockage is relatively long or strong, there is no way to clear it.Another situation is that the remote accumulation is serious. Even if the water is removed, the fallopian tube is through, but the cilia in the fallopian tubes have been damaged and the eggs and embryos cannot be transported.pregnant.

2. Conservative expectation therapy

If the fallopian tubes are found to be relatively good (such as common but not smooth) or the patient’s opponent is seriously resistant, our doctors will recommend conservative treatment such as anti -inflammatory, physical therapy, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.Relax, if you have the conditions, you can use B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation doctors to guide the same room and wait for natural conception.In other words, such people may succeed in getting pregnant in the process of "seeing"!

But remember: This treatment method is only for mild lesions of fallopian tubes, and the couple prepared for pregnancy are short and younger (because only you can afford it).After all, fallopian tube adhesion is really effective through conservative treatment!

3. Holby laparoscopic surgery

This is the most commonly used and most effective treatment for tubal adhesion!

Drugs that are separated from adhesion through laparoscopic surgery and inject drugs to prevent adhesion. During the operation, the four aspects of the fallopian tube are comprehensively evaluated by determining whether the tubal wall of the fallopian tube is soft, whether the lumen is smooth, whether the mucosa end of the umbrella is complete, and whether the adhesion around the fallopian tube is adhesive.And give scores to guide subsequent treatment and selecting pregnancy methods (natural fertility or auxiliary reproductive technology).

Reminder: If you want to go to the hospital for a doctor during the epidemic in infertility, you must take safety protection measures to wear a mask when you are clinic.”Infertility “” “” “” Female infertility”@

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