What should I do if pregnant women grow stretch marks?Try these removal methods

Pregnancy was originally a happy event, but it also brought a lot of trouble to women. As the stomach became bigger and bigger, physical discomfort was felt, and the stretch marks began to appear.So how can we remove stretch marks?I believe this is a problem that many pregnant women are concerned. In order to solve the concerns of pregnant women, Xiaobian summarized some methods to remove stretch marks. Come and see!

1. Control weight

When the pregnant woman feels a bit itchy, she must be alert to the stretch marks quietly climb up.The main reason for stretch marks is that the abdominal skin bulge, so controlling weight in a reasonable range can effectively reduce the production of stretch marks.

2. Skin massage

Before giving birth, massage the abdomen with proper methods with anti -stretch marks products can also effectively reduce stretch marks.This can increase skin elasticity and moisturize the skin and increase the elasticity of the abdominal skin.

3. Exercise and diet

Pay attention to appropriate exercise during pregnancy to increase the elasticity of abdominal muscles and skin.At the same time, pregnant women should eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, strawberries, vegetables, etc., and they should also eat more milk and products rich in vitamin B6.

4. Use stretch marks to protect and repair products

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the choice of pregnancy cream is mainly safe and gentle. Vitamin A, vitamin A acid is risky because of teratogenic tires, and fruit acid and salicylic acid are more irritating to the skin.Sometimes itching is caused, it is best to wait for postpartum.

5. Go to the beauty salon for removal care

Moms who pay attention to skin care can go to the beauty salon for pregnancy.The beauty salon removes pigment and pattern through a dedicated magnetic field removal treatment instrument or efficacy product.At the same time, the beauty salon has a beauty master to help massage, and the effect will be better than the massage.

The stretch marks make women very troublesome, damage the personal image, and may even affect the relationship between husband and wife.In order to solve the problem of stretch marks, you can try to use the above methods to see if it can achieve a certain effect.Pay attention to care during pregnancy, maintain a good mood, rest more, don’t let bad mood affect the development of the fetus!

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