What should I do if pregnant women do constipation?4 methods allow you to easily get rid of constipation trouble!

I believe that many female friends will be plagued by constipation during pregnancy. Although many people do not pay attention to the harm caused by constipation, they will happen to themselves with an indifferent attitude towards constipation.In fact, the poor bowel movement means that the body’s toxins cannot be discharged. This will cause varying degrees of damage whether it is the pregnant mother or the fetus.

In fact, there are many reasons for constipation.For example: Excessive mental stress, lack of exercise, imbalanced diet, staying up late, high pressure, insufficient nutrition and water intake, etc. can all cause constipation of pregnant women.So, what are the methods for pregnant women’s constipation to alleviate?

1. Eat less spicy foods, eat less fried food and other junk foods, and reduce the number of meals out, because the food outside is cooked quickly and high -temperature, which is easier to get angry.

2. Drink enough water of 2000 ml of water per day, soy milk and honey water are available, and the water intake in food is also included.Get up every morning to drink a glass of warm water, which will help defecation.

3. Enter the toilet regularly and concentrate on defecation: Do not bear it when you have it.Entering the toilet regularly is easy to produce regular intentions. Pregnant mothers must develop a good habit of entering the toilet.

4. A moderate amount of exercise also helps defecation: For example, pregnant mothers stick to fast walking, jogging, yoga, etc. are a good choice.

1. Walnut porridge: a little walnut kernel + japonica rice, cooked together into porridge, which is suitable for constipation of the body and dryness of the body.

2. Sesame porridge: After the sesame fried hot research, + japonica rice, cooked porridge together, suitable for constipation mothers who are weak, dizzy and tinnitus

3. Pregnant mothers eat more brown rice, grain grains, black dates, raisins, etc., all help to defecate.

4. Eat more high -fiber fruits and fruits (I recommend red dragon fruit, because I eat red dragon fruit at that time to help bowel movements, the effect is good.) There are also sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and bananas.

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