What should I do if pregnant women are irritable and irritable?Make these points easily to restore good moods

Pregnant women are in a special stage of life and are affected by various objective physiology, environment, and psychological factors. It is inevitable that it is easy to be anxious and angry.Essence

Today I will do popular science, hoping to help such pregnant women.

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The following information is only popular science. It should not be considered as a diagnosis and treatment suggestion. It cannot replace the doctors’ individual judgments on specific patients.


In the early stages of pregnancy, especially about 6 to 10 weeks, it is very vulnerable to the transformation of estrogen progesterone levels, which leads to emotional fluctuations.

In addition, problems such as relationships and communication between husband and wife caused by pregnancy, or family members are not concerned, anxiety in work, severe vomiting in the early pregnancy, etc., can easily induce irritability in pregnant women, and the secretion of hormones such as cortisol will cause "The stress reaction of war "or" escape "is not good for the health of pregnant women.

So don’t deliberately make pregnant women angry!

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As the baby in the stomach grows day by day, the uterus will gradually become larger, and it will put pressure on the bladder and intestine, which will easily cause irritability.

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Research on epidemiological research based on national health and nutrition surveys in South Korea shows [1]

· If the mother was very young when the first child was born, these mothers would have a higher risk of depression and suicide.

· If the mother is older when the last child is born, he will feel stressful and emotional, and his willingness to suicide.

▎The partner is a problem with

In 2013, a psychological study of a maternal maternal in Australia and New Zealand showed that judging whether women would have anxiety or depression after their children were born, and the strongest predictive factors were whether there was depression and her relationship with her partner, such as intimacy, such as closenessMaternal maternal pressures with violent behaviors will be relatively stressful.[2]

▎ depression

If you are always anxious and anxious, you ca n’t sleep well, your appetite has also changed, you ca n’t focus on something for a long time, and even lose short -term memory loss, etc. You have to doubt whether you have depression, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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First of all, when you realize that you are anxious and irritable, you can calm down and take a deep breath. Take a minute to slowly inhale, vomit slowly, and slow down your mentality.

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Recently, I am still studying mindfulness training and meditation. It still has a certain effect. Everyone may wish to take a period of time every day to do this practice.

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When it comes to meditation, many people may feel a bit like sleeping, but they are actually different.Of course, sleep must be guaranteed. Generally, it is recommended that you sleep for eight hours at night to ensure sufficient rest.

Especially for pregnant women, in the face of many new problems, you may need to stay up late without giving up your work. At this time, you need to pay special attention to ensuring the regular night rest.


You can also consider a break at noon and sleep for 20 minutes, which may be better.

▎ Find a husband

Be sure to talk to your feelings more, put your needs to him, and get support from him.

▎ Find a friend to play

Of course, if your partner is not powerful, or if you think he is not enough or too single, you can also find your friends to play, such as watching movies together.

After all, with my experience, after your child is born, you will have no time to watch movies for a long time.

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In addition to communicating with your partner, maintaining good communication with family, good friends, and work partners also help reduce stress, more communication can also reduce misunderstandings, avoid conflict upgrade to make yourself more angry.


If there are still a lot of work to be completed, it is best to find the key point and refuse to drop the unimportant job, so as not to make your pressure too much.

It can be relatively reduced a little workload. After having time, you can do what you like to do, including listening to music, watching TV series, and so on.


Your irritability may come from all kinds of difficulties in the face of your child’s birth. You can hurry up and read the book or understand the relevant information.

If you know too much, you may not be afraid. Here I recommend "The Encyclopedia of Parenting Education of the American Academy of Sciences".

The readers of this book are concerned about the information. In addition, my self -media [Nutritioner Gu Zhongyi] is also good. I have written various dietary suggestions during pregnancy and the dietary principles and skills of children at all ages.


Many studies have shown that walking for ten minutes to improve mood and work efficiency.

It is best to get up in the morning to hug the sun in time, so that the body is full of bright sunshine, which is also helpful for the improvement of emotions. At the same time, it also helps to adjust your creature clock to sleep better at night.


In addition to walking, there are many sports pregnant women who can do it.It is just that the body’s posture will have greatly changed, such as skiing and other risks that are prone to falling down. Don’t do it.

Many other conventional relatively safe exercise should still be persisted, at least half an hour of exercise per day.

If outdoor exercise is inconvenient, it is also good, including yoga and Kiger exercises.

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The pressure of many people may be a word -poor.

You can evaluate your current situation, what expenditures and income, and account for accounting.

The key is to make changes after analysis.Adjust your values and see if life is too comfortable and luxurious?Communicate more with your lover to determine the consumption concept of both parties.You can also find trustworthy friends and family members to ask for help and listen to their financial suggestions.

You have to make a budget yourself.It is undeniable that the budget would bring pressure at the time, but in general, after having a budget, you may have a more bottomed in your heart, and long -term pressure can be relieved.

▎ Careful surfing the Internet

At present, research shows that in addition to some elderly people, social network factors are important predictions of depression and anxiety [3]

Of course, the impact of social networks is beneficial or harmful, and it is also related to the quality of the specific social environment and the network environment of the network.

Everyone can imagine that if there are strange netizens harassing you all day long, this person is very greasy and annoying. The mood must not be better, it is better to take the initiative to stay away from.

▎ Go to see a doctor

In the end, it is reminded that if you find that you ca n’t sleep, borrow wine and sorrow, or often have violent emotional fluctuations, and do n’t relieve it for more than two weeks, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Author: Gu Zhongyi, a director of the Beijing Nutritionist Association, a master’s degree in public health at Tsinghua University.Weibo 2018 Top Ten Influential Health Medical V, the Top Ten Scientific Communication Characters of the People’s Daily in 2017, Nutritionist experience in the Three -A Hospital in the eight years, and the author of the headline signed by the headlines. The popular science books have sold more than 100,000 copies.

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