What should I do if pregnant mothers do not appetite in summer?Then let’s drink soup

What should pregnant women eat in summer?The summer is hot, and many pregnant mothers will have a loss of appetite. Pregnant mothers with loss of appetite often can’t eat meals. What should I do?When pregnant mothers can’t eat in summer, you can choose to drink more soup!Let ’s take a look at what soup in summer pregnant women.

1. Summer in the early pregnancy of pregnant women recipes

1) Burdry potato soup

Materials: Half is half a catty, 2 potatoes, 2 pieces of ginger, and 1 tablespoon of rice wine.


1. Wash all the materials, prepare a piece of ginger, cut two slices for later use, and cut the potatoes off the skin and cut it into large pieces.

2. After the burdock is cut into large pieces, put a little wine and ginger slices in the water, boil the water and put it in the burdock for a while to remove the blood and fishy smell.

3. Put eight -point water in the pot. After the water is rolled, put all the ingredients. Cook it for about 20 minutes on high heat, then turn to low heat, and stew for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Role: This soup is not only delicious. After the burdock is stewed, the taste is soft and smooth, which is very suitable for expectant mothers to eat as a meal, and potatoes contain sugar and vitamin C. The burdock contains vitamin B1 and B2.What about vitamins!

2) Steamed carp soup

Material: one carp.


1. Wash the carp to remove the scales first.

2. Steam the carp to steam the water and the electric pot or soup pot. If you put a glass of water with an electric pot, use the soup pot, then put the carp in the carp for another 20 minutes.Wait for seasoning.

Role: Specific mothers around 7 to 12 weeks of pregnancy will have the symptoms of gastric acid reflux. Usually doctors will recommend avoiding fried and too irritating foods. Try to use digestive foods.EssenceIn the two types of fish, carp and catfish, are the best ingredients of the fetus.However, be careful that it must be eaten while it is hot to slow down vomiting. After cooling, it is easy to have a fishy smell.

2. Summer in the middle of pregnancy in pregnant women recipes

1) Soybean rib soup

Ingredients: 100 grams of soybeans, 250 grams of pork ribs.

Method: Wash the soy beans, wash the pork chop bone, cut into small pieces.Put about 8 bowls of water in the pot, boil the Buddha with prosperity, put the ingredients in, turn it into a Wenhuo stew for 40 minutes, and season with salt.

Efficacy: This soup is rich in high -quality protein, calcium and vitamins, and minerals.

2) Astragalus Bass Soup

Materials: 1 bass, 6 money of astragalus, 8 red dates, 2 pieces of ginger


1. Wash all the materials first, check the red dates, and prepare a piece of ginger to cut two slices of backup

2. Hot oil pan, first stir -fry the ginger slices, and then add the sea bass and fry until both sides are pale golden yellow.

3. Inject eight -point water in the pot, put all the ingredients after the water rolls, cook it on high heat for about 20 minutes, and then turn it in low heat for about two hours.

Function: This soup not only has the effect of diet, but also has a good taste. It can cure edema, restless fetal movement, but also replenish qi and blood.DHA (saturated fatty acid twenty -two carbonotenonic acid) and EPA (twenty carbonic acid ethyl) can help the fetal brain development.

3. Summer in the late pregnancy of pregnant women recipes

1) Spinach pork liver lean meat roller soup

Materials: Lesson 3, Pork liver 3, half a catty of spinach.


1. Wash and cut segments for later use.

2. Cut thin slices of lean meat and pork liver, mix with less peanut oil and raw powder, pickle slightly, and set aside.

3. After boiling the soup pot, put the pork liver and lean meat. After rolling for five minutes, add the spinach to the spinach. After spinach is cooked, it is seasoned.

Explanation: Pork liver is a good ingredient for blood and blood supplement. Spinach can increase both cellulose and iron supplementation. It is effective for the anemia and constipation caused by the pregnant mother during pregnancy.And it is easy to operate, the pregnant mothers who have to go to work, have no time to cook the old fire soup.

2) Winter melon pork ribs soup

Materials: 1 catties of pork ribs, 1 catties of winter melon.


1. Wash all the ingredients, cut the melon with a large piece of pieces for later use.

2. Put the ribs in the water and roll it.

3. Inject an appropriate amount of water in the pot, put all the ingredients in, and after 20 minutes of fire, it can be seasoned for about 2 hours with low heat.

Efficacy: Winter melon has the effect of reducing heat and heat dampness. This soup has obvious effect on clearing heat, heat, and edema, so it is very good for the leg edema and constipation of pregnant mothers in the late pregnancy.

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