What should I do if my wife does not want to roll sheets when I am pregnant?This is safe!Prostagonins can help to give birth without having to set up

Sexual life during pregnancy is still a taboo topic.Couples during pregnancy often doubt whether a woman is pregnant, whether they can have sex.There are many problems about whether this will increase the risk of abortion or damage to unborn babies.The following outlines the basic knowledge of sexual behavior during pregnancy to help couples make these decisions.

Are there sex safety during pregnancy?

Those who have normal pregnancy can use sexual behavior as part of the routine of healthy pregnancy.Exercise and penetration during sex will not hurt the baby, because the fetus is protected by the uterine muscle wall and abdomen.The amniotic sac fluid also provides a buffer for babies.

Labor shrinkage and climax contraction are not the same, but some doctors suggest that sexual life is prohibited within the last few weeks of pregnancy as preventive measures.This is because some doctors believe that the prostaglandin hormone from semen may stimulate contractions.There is an exception for women who have expired and hope to induce labor.Some people even think that prostaglandins can overwhelm labor through "mature" cervix.Others believe that this connection is only theoretical, and there are no problems.Your doctor can determine whether you are safe at this late participation.

When do I need a condom?

If you are exposed to sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy, it will seriously affect your health of you and your baby.If you are not in the relationship between each other, your partner has sexual transmission infection, or you choose to have sex with the new partner during pregnancy, you should use a condom.

How about oral and anal love?

As long as your partner does not blow the air in, it is safe to give and accept during pregnancy.In a few cases, the outbreak of air entering the genitals may block blood vessels and cause air embolism, which may endanger the lives of babies and mothers.

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to participate during pregnancy.This may be uncomfortable or cause hemorrhoids related to pregnancy.Bacteria will also spread to the genitals, causing danger of infection during pregnancy.

What if I don’t want to have sex during pregnancy?

If you don’t want to have sex, this is completely healthy for you and you.Share these needs or your concerns with our partners in an open and loving way.If you find that sexual behavior is not attractive, it is difficult or you think it is unlimited, please try to establish an intimate relationship with the contact with kiss, massage, hug or other types of contact.

What are the differences in sex during pregnancy?

Some women think that sexual life will be different during pregnancy.At some point, this may be more pleasant, but others may feel that it is not so attractive.

More pleasant.The increased blood flow of the pelvis will cause further congestion of the genitals, which may cause increased sensation in the sex life.Wetness is also increased, and it may be helpful in the process of sex.

Not so happy.For some people, this additional congestion may make people uncomfortable.You may also be mild spasm immediately or after or after the orgasm.Some people find that their breasts are soft or tingling, making them very sensitive to touch.This is especially common in the first three months.Some women find that this is a steering, and others find it uncomfortable, and prefer not to contact their breasts.

When should you avoid sex during pregnancy?

If you are experiencing high risk pregnancy, the doctor may suggest that you avoid sex.This includes those who have experienced abortion or abortion risks in the past, and those who have a premature risk of premature production. The fetus has experienced the broken shellacium. The placenta is too low. You look forward to multiple tires. The cervix is too early or you are experiencing spasm, bleeding or discharge of discharge.There is no known reason.

It feels normal after sex or orgasm during pregnancy.If this situation does not fade after a few minutes, or you feel pain or bleeding after sex, please call your nursing staff to manage your pregnancy.

If you have any problems or doubts about sexual behavior, please call your doctor or midfielder at any time.This is especially important if you are not sure if you should avoid sexual behavior or worry about your child’s safety.If you are told that you should stop sex, please make sure you understand whether you should avoid penetration, orgasm or both.

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