What should I do if my throat hurts?Eating is important for food …

As soon as summer, people’s dietary habits have changed, and they start to be greedy, such as eating cold drinks, but it is easy to stimulate the throat and may cause symptoms of throat pain.Although it enters summer, foods such as hot pot are still liked by everyone, especially spicy hot pot. Too spicy flavors will severely stimulate the throat and easily cause symptoms of throat pain.

In addition to the pain caused by too much cold drink, there are more stalls on the roadside. Barbecue stalls, barbecue, and beer are the favorite of many people. The barbecue food is too greasy, and there are more dust and dust.Coupled with the ice that drinks ice, the stimulation of the throat is more serious, and it may increase the possibility of throat pain.

Food that treats throat pain

One, kinma

Ginnames are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and calcium, which can help eliminate inflammation of the throat.Patients with pain in summer can be eaten together, and they have a sweet taste, and even the skin will not have a sour taste.The entire consumption is very good for sore throat.

The golden orange peel is thin, with special fragrance, but can be eaten raw or drinking.Eating golden oranges in winter can strengthen the nasopharyngeal mucosa, prevent colds, and golden oranges soaked in wine to prevent bronchitis.Elderly people eat golden oranges can also cure chest tightness and phlegm accumulation, stagnation stomach, and can enhance capillary elasticity and prevent cerebrovascular disease.

Second, licorice

I believe most of them know that licorice treats throat pain. It is very effective. Licorice is flat, sweet, and returns to the twelve sutras.It has pharmacological effects such as detoxifying, expectorant, pain relief, and anti -cramped.In traditional Chinese medicine, licorice nourish the spleen and nourish qi, nourish cough and lungs, slowly detoxify, and reconcile 100 medicines.

Use licorice roots to decoct and cook into juice, which has a improvement effect on the throat inflammation and pain. It also has the effect of relieving the tonsil inflammation or sudden throat soreness.

In addition to treating throat pain, licorice can also be used for asthma and cough. It can be used alone or other drug applications.Such as the two Chen soups that treat damp sputum cough; Ling Gan Wuwei Jiang Xin Decoction, which treats cold sputum, cough and asthma; mulberry soup that treats dry sputum and cough; cure poison of heat poisoning and lung cough saliva sputum soup; cure coughSalva saliva dried ginger soup.In addition, the wind and hot cough, cold cough, and hot sputum cough are often matched.

Three, ginger

Ginger has been two aspects of consumption and medicinal aspects since ancient times. The rhizomes of ginger are also effective, which can sweat, heat up, heat preservation, anti -inflammatory, phlegm, etc.When eating, you can try to use ginger soup and coward to fry water, the effect will be better.It is more suitable for fever and sore throat caused by fire.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger skin is cold, cure skin swelling, and skin water; ginger juice is warm, Xin San’s stomach has strong cold power, and is mostly used for vomiting., The flavor of the guns is hard to walk inside, and the cold is cold;Ginger Xin is scattered, beneficial to the spleen and stomach, and lower the vomiting in good temperature, dehumidify and eliminate cough, relieve cough and expectorant, and reduce the vomiting and relieve vomiting.

Fourth, lotus root

Lotus root is sweet, cold, and enters the heart, spleen, and stomach meridians. It has the effects of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, raising muscles, and antidiarrheal skills.Essence

In addition, the nutritional value of lotus root is very high, rich in trace elements such as iron, calcium, and plant protein, vitamins, and starch. They have obvious nourishing qi and blood and enhancing human immunity.Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine calls it: "The Lord supplements the gods and nourishes qi."

Five, honeysuckle

Gold and silver flower has been famous for its medicinal value since ancient times.Its efficacy is mainly to clear heat and detoxify, treat warm disease fever, heat poisoning blood, and gangrene poisoning.

Modern studies have proved that honeysuckle contains vintage acid, ingotinoside and other pharmacological active ingredients, which has strong suppression of hemolytic splin bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus such as P. vanguard, and upper respiratory tract infections. In addition,It can also enhance immunity, early pregnancy, liver protection, anti -tumor, anti -inflammatory, heat relief, hemostasis (coagulation), inhibiting intestinal absorption of cholesterol.

Mumps, purulent tonsillitis and other diseases have certain effects.

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