What should I do if my mothers have a cold during my lactation?Teach you a trick to take medicine and feed milk!

The mother can breastfeed when she has a cold or pharyngitis, but the following aspects must be done:

1. Take medicine for treatment, don’t carry it, so that the mother is suffering, and the child is not safe.Many Baoma thinks that it is the safest method without medication.

2. Take medicine: Take the medicine after each feeding, so that the two hours of breastfeeding are used for 3 hours, and the side effects of the drug are the smallest;

3. Wear a cover to feed;

4. It is best to let the family look at the baby other times other than feeding;

5. If the mother has a serious cold during breastfeeding and a high fever occurs, then breastfeeding should be stopped. After the condition improves, feed the baby, but the milk should be pulled out regularly to avoid decreased milk secretion.

The treatment method that can be used during a cold

If it is a cold cold, you can choose the food of sweating to solve the table, and the wind and the cold should be treated with heat -clearing treatment. The following is some food therapy prescriptions for reference.

1. Wind and cold green onion and white ginger soup: Take five sections of green onions and ginger. After cooking in water for ten minutes, take it while hot. It is suitable for the cold cold cold in the early stages of a cold.Put on the green onion and ginger when cooking porridge. There are the same effect of white pepper onion and white noodles: After cooking the hot soup noodles, put on the green onion and pepper noodles, and then eat it while it is hot.Cabbage radish soup: Prepare 250 grams of cabbage, 60 grams of white radish, add water into the pot and boil for ten minutes, take it while it is hot.Perilla leaf water: Prepare the amount of perilla leaves, add the water, and take it while it is hot.

2. Wind and cold

The wind and the cold appear as the throat redness, the nose and sputum are yellow, and the tongue coating is white and yellow.At this time, cool and detoxifying drugs, such as Shuanghuanglian oral liquid.Patients with a cold and cold should eat light diet. They can eat some fruits with the effects of radical, clearing heat, and phlegm, such as pear, melon, coriander, dragon fruit, etc.

3. Other physiotherapy methods hot compress: To treat colds, you can also use hot water bottle to put on the back hot compress to help get rid of a cold, because there are more acupoints on the back, and the lungs are in it, which can declare lung qi.Massage acupoints: Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the temple and nose, Fengchi acupoint behind the ear, the large vertebral acupoint behind the neck, and the legs of the legs, etc., massage can relieve cold symptoms.In addition to massage, cupping and moxibustion can have the same effect.

It is important to choose the right medicine for a cold during breastfeeding

One of the important principles of medication during lactation is that it can effectively treat mothers’ diseases, but also reduce the effects of drugs on infants as much as possible.The four -seasons antiviral agent for bottle is given.

Drugs prohibited by mothers during lactation: olsine antibiotics, amino glycoside antibiotics, chloropycin, Libavirin, radioactin, bromine pyramids, cyclopylecin, and germin, and so on.

Drugs used carefully during breastfeeding: metronidazole (recommended for interrupt breastfeeding for 12-24 hours), sulfa (newborns and premature babies within 5 days of feeding should be avoided), anticorbin drugsSafe), antiviral drugs, sulfur sulfur anthology drugs, etc.

Allergic diseases -breastfeeding moms can treat local medication if there are allergic diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Vaginitis -Breastfeeding mummy is recommended for local medication when suffering from vaginitis.

The following is some of the breastfeeding medicines summarized by the pharmacists of Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

What should I do if I have a cold during breastfeeding? In addition to choosing some green therapy during breastfeeding, she should also rest in bed, eat more light diet, drink more water, choose drugs appropriately, and restore health as soon as possible.

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