What should I do if my mother has a cold in summer?Can you take medicine?These taboos can’t be sloppy

One of the most susceptible diseases that pregnant women in summer are colds. Due to the hot weather, air conditioners will be turned on at home. Sometimes the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and the negligence of pregnant women may cause colds.

one.What should I do if pregnant women have a cold in summer?

1. In summer, pregnant women need to distinguish between symptoms

In general, we all know that there will be a sore throat before the cold comes.Therefore, if pregnant women find their sore throat, they will quickly drink plenty of water and eat more healthy and nutritious fire -reducing food.Starting from the method of diet, first relieve the problem of sore throat and suppress the occurrence of colds.

2. In summer, pregnant women need to go to the cold in time

Women are most afraid of colds in the early days of pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the stage of preservation and tires, and some drugs cannot be taken casually.However, if there is a cold, you still have to go to the doctor in time.Doctors will propose a treatment plan based on the actual situation of pregnant women.Different pregnant women have different constitutions, and they are different in medication.Pregnant women must not drink some granules by themselves as usual.Women after pregnancy are forbidden to eat any drugs within three months.In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively stable, but the medication still needs to be cautious.It is best not to use other drugs such as moldy.

3. Successful nutrition and sleep are a shortcut for treating colds

When you have a cold, you must sleep more. If the body temperature rises, it feels that when the normal body temperature is slightly heated, you can drink some natural white boiled water and drink more water to the toilet to timely eliminate the toxins and internal fire in the body.

After a cold, pregnant women should take more foods rich in vitamin C, supplement a large amount of water to discharge the virus in the body, and sufficient sleep, which is a good strategy to deal with colds.Eat more foods with high minerals, vitamins, and high -quality protein content, and enjoying sufficient sleep, etc., can enhance resistance.

If the fever is less than 37.4 ° C, it will heal without medicine with a slight cold.The fever is more than 37.5 ° C, and the body is extremely uncomfortable. It must be careful to prevent complications such as pneumonia. It is best not to take a bath. It is mainly to treat it by quiet and sufficient sleep.

two.Prevention of pregnant women’s colds

After pregnancy, the enzymes of pregnant women have changed, and pregnant women have a certain impact on the metabolic process of certain drugs.Drugs are not easy to detoxify and excrete, and may have accumulated poisoning.When the fetal organs are formed in the early pregnancy, the drug has a certain effect on the fetus, so it is best not to take medicine for pregnant women.Exercise is an effective way to improve the ability of the body to resist pregnant women. Pregnant women must persist in exercise throughout pregnancy.exercise more.Drink plenty of water and urinate more. The waste produced by the body’s metabolism can be discharged from the body in time. Drinking water can help resist the invasion of the cold virus of pregnant women.Pregnant women’s homes should ventilate ventilation, and the warmth and humidity should be appropriate. They often use vinegar to smoke the room to maintain a good mood and enhance the resistance of pregnant women with diseases.

three.Small dietary

1. Rice vinegar radish dish

Wash the radish and sliced, add an appropriate amount of rice vinegar for an hour, pregnant women can use the current meals, which has a certain effect on preventing and alleviating the cold and flowing nose.

2. Ginger and garlic tea

Ginger and garlic are 15g each, slice 1 bowl of water, and change it to fine heat to half a bowl of water after opening the pan. Add 10 ~ 20g of brown sugar during drinking.

3. Drink chicken soup

Chicken soup is rich in nutrients and has the effect of clearing the respiratory virus.Drinking chicken soup for pregnant women can reduce the symptoms of colds, flowing nose, nasal congestion.Chicken soup is not only effective for pregnant women’s cold and runny nose, but also often drinking chicken soup can also prevent colds.Therefore, chicken soup should not only drink when pregnant women have a cold and runny nose. After pregnant women are pregnant, they should often cook chicken soup to drink, which can enhance the natural resistance of pregnant women and prevent colds.(Your forwarding and collection is the biggest encouragement to us!)

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