What should I do if my husband is derailed for six months?

I was six months pregnant, but I found that my husband was derailed. What should I do? The child is so big, and I can’t bear it and hurt my body.

I found that my husband derailed what should not do, do you know?

Please keep in mind, do not do the following points:

1. Direct showdown. After many women know that her husband is derailed, he chooses to show his cards without knowing his sadness and anger.Nonono!Do not do this. This is tantamount to playing grass and snakes. This will only make her husband more cautious, which is conducive to the elimination of evidence to transfer property. If a man changes his heart, you will find how smart this man is.

2. Call relatives and friends to catch rape or fight against Primary Three, big troubles.These are the behaviors that have been relieved but unparalleled, not only will it seem how crazy you are, but you may have to bear criminal responsibility, so remember, do not go these roads, and hurt yourself in the end.

So, what should I do if my husband is derailed?

1. When you get married, you have a legal partner relationship with your husband. Then when you encounter such a thing, we must first consult a lawyer, protect yourself with legal means, and collect evidence that you are beneficial to yourself.Evidence.

2. Property is very important. Try to transfer your property to credible people, such as parents, and how much property you have in your partner, and carefully dig out if there is a property that he has you but you don’t know.

3. If you are a housewife, you must record your payments and payments in your family, such as cleaning, cooking, taking care of your children, and family expenditures. Try to keep your bills. For details, please consult a lawyer.There is nothing to remember if you should do, this is not your home alone.When the video records how many points do you go home in the evening, how long do you not take care of your child in a row? When you have to work overtime (you need to know, this overtime may just lie to you to work overtime), which is convenient for you to fight for housework compensation fees.

4. Collect evidence in the other party’s mobile phones, such as WeChat chat records, transfer records, call records, and see if there are WeChat trumpets and suspicious transactions with taxis, takeaway, and travel software.

After collecting the evidence, you can prepare a showdown.It is best to tell him that you know that he talks to each other within 24 hours. Don’t let him have time to consult a lawyer, don’t drag.Prepare the recording and video equipment. If you want to divorce, prepare a divorce agreement, prepare the in -marriage agreement and guarantee without divorce, and the evidence you collected to talk with him one -on -one, control your emotions, Show the other party’s evidence of 1/3, do not throw out all the evidence of yourself, and let him confess step by step.Don’t be too greedy in property, it is impossible to get home to the house, and protect your rights as much as possible.

Do you remember the above points? I hope that every family in the world is happy and happy, but if you really encounter such a thing, you still need to pick up the legal weapon to protect yourself.

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