What should I do if my girlfriend is pregnant?

His girlfriend is pregnant, his parents don’t want, he doesn’t want to want a A?

The girlfriend was pregnant once, and the doctor advised her not to kill it. I was afraid that his girlfriend would not be pregnant in the future. He really didn’t want to force her to kill.

This time I was pregnant again, and his girlfriend’s body was not allowed to be killed, but he really didn’t want it. His parents didn’t want it, let him find his girlfriend to explain to the child clearly, and then broke up.

He promised his parents to discuss his girlfriend, but his girlfriend said that he just wanted to give birth to herself. He didn’t want to have no children in the future.

My parents are afraid that my girlfriend will have a time bomb. Suddenly I can’t raise the child. What should I do if I want to come back and ask for money to raise a child?In the future, there is a family that has an impact on his family in the future. It will have to force his girlfriend to kill and give 30,000 compensation as a fetus. There is no relationship in the future. He cannot leave the child, and his girlfriend just wants to leave the child.

Now his girlfriend was hospitalized by his family, and his parents rushed to the hospital to discuss.Girlfriend said: If you want to buy her life in the second half of her life, I just want children.

I also forced me to solve it quickly, I can’t solve it now!He just talked about a friend, and didn’t want to get married, and his girlfriend was from a foreign country. His parents wanted him to find a place in the same place. He was too far away with her, and his parents did not agree.After this incident, he wanted to break up with her.But if the child was not killed, his parents had to solve this timing bomb, which could not let his girlfriend give birth.

Now he doesn’t know what to do?He asked me what can I do?

Can you do it? What should I do? The specific "boyfriend" must be solved by itself.

This incident has reached this step, I think this pair of men and women can find and find it and

The girlfriend does not know how to know people, and found a scumbag boyfriend:

She should have been with her boyfriend for a long time. From the beginning of their first pregnancy, they clearly understand that they are not just love.

After her first pregnancy with her boyfriend, she should be able to understand that her boyfriend can force her girlfriend to break the child in her belly, and her boyfriend does not want children.

However, this time, my girlfriend was pregnant again.I do n’t know if I really want a child, or because I have a history of abortion, I am afraid that I am worried that I ca n’t get pregnant and find my current boyfriend to be a sperm again.If you really decide that you want your child, then you can give birth to the child to give birth to the child, and give birth to the child safely and the child’s life.

Now that she has chosen and insists on leaving this child, it is as always to choose to grow with the child.

It was just that she was looking for this man, not with him, it was pitiful.Let a child a father who doesn’t like children!

Girlfriend’s boyfriend is not coming!

Since you don’t want a child, take the initiative to take safety measures, don’t let your girlfriend get pregnant.

In addition, this girlfriend has been chosen, and they have been together with their children, and they have abandoned girls from other places.

He knew that his girlfriend had a history of pregnancy. If there was a miscarriage again, it might cause life infertility.In addition, in this case, his parents are also pure and comfortable, and do not want grandchildren and grandchildren. He follows the meaning of his parents at home and insists on letting people kill the children and remove the child’s irregular "bomb"!

Everything in the world is attractive. What kind of person are you and what kind of partner you will.Many times when things happen, they often happen from themselves, and they are connected.

The moment you want to ask others how to solve it, then start with your own level.

How do you solve one thing, you think about it first, and then think of a way!

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