What should I do if my expectant mother finds hypertension during pregnancy?Don’t panic, do these 6 things well, you can spend it smoothly

For women, pregnancy is a happy and hard work. During pregnancy, expectant mothers must not only bear various discomforts in the body, but also prevent the occurrence of pregnancy hypertension.

Pregnancy hypertension usually occurs in the middle of pregnancy. This disease not only affects the health of pregnant women, but also has a great impact on the growth and development of the fetus. It should attract sufficient attention.

For the health of the fetus, mothers with pregnancy and hypertension must do the following things to help them have a healthy and smooth pregnancy period.Let’s take a look!

1. Active treatment

Many pregnant women do not consciously cause the harm caused by hypertension of pregnancy, and do not treat them in time. When severe consequences are really occurred, it is too late to regret it.

Therefore, the hypertension of pregnancy must be treated in time. At present, the blood pressure is mainly controlled through the method of drugs.There are also some serious condition, and they need to be hospitalized, and even give up pregnancy.

2. Do not stop the medicine at will

If the method of drug treatment is taken to control the hypertension of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to taking the medicine strictly in accordance with the doctor’s order, and do not blindly stop the medicine.

Some pregnant women stopped drugs blindly after the symptoms were reduced. This approach only caused blood pressure fluctuations, but it was not conducive to blood pressure control.In addition, during taking drugs, avoid leakage, and avoid increasing or reducing the amount of dosage without authorization.

3. Check blood pressure regularly

Pregnancy hypertension not only affects the health of pregnant women, but if it is not controlled, it is more likely to damage the health of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should regularly detect blood pressure during the treatment. It is best to detect each morning and evening to understand the control of blood pressure at any time. Once the blood pressure fluctuates, seek medical treatment in time.

In addition, you should usually pay attention to your physical condition. If severe discomfort occurs, it is likely that high blood pressure causes complications. It is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

4. Full rest

Many pregnant women are still working on work during pregnancy. In fact, if they suffer from pregnancy hypertension, it is best to take a leave and rest. Be sure to ensure sufficient sleep and avoid staying up late.When you sleep, you can choose the sleeping position on the left side, which is good for heart health.Those who have insomnia should also be actively solved, otherwise it will lead to increased blood pressure.

5. Regular checkup

Pregnant women with pregnancy hypertension must be regularly checked, and the number of delivery examinations should be increased if necessary.Pregnancy hypertension has a great threat to fetal health. The birth check can help discover problems in time, solve it in time, and avoid affecting the health of the baby.

6. Do daily care

During the pregnancy of hypertension, pregnant women should pay attention to all aspects of care in their lives.To reduce the amount of salt, avoid eating spicy irritation, high -fat, and high cholesterol foods, we must strictly quit smoking and drinking, and avoid second -hand smoke.

Diet can take more protein, fresh vegetables and fruits, which can help better control blood pressure.Pregnant women usually exercise more to enhance physical fitness. They should also maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. They should not be too anxious, otherwise they will affect the stability of blood pressure.

Pregnant women should not be taken lightly in hypertension. If the blood pressure is not well controlled, it will affect the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Therefore, once suffering from hypertension, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Do not stop drugs at will, increase or reduce the amount of dosage. You should also test blood pressure on a regular basis, pay attention to rest, pay attention to each birth check.Care, maintaining an optimistic and positive attitude, can better help control blood pressure and go through the pregnancy period.

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