What should I do if my divorce and discovery I am pregnant?

In the early days of the marriage, we had the money at the bottom of the box at the bottom of the box, but after this money was consumed, we needed financial management. We must rely on deeper and deeper emotional communication to meet each other’s core needs, that is, men’s self -esteem can not be obtained. Women’s safetyFeeling does not rely on coaxing.

Two months ago, I discovered that my husband was derailed. Although he sincerely acknowledged the mistakes and promised that he would not be committed again, and I couldn’t live in the hurdle, insisted on divorcing him, and now I have lived in my mother’s house for a while.

It wasn’t until yesterday to go to the hospital for an examination that I found that I had been pregnant for two months. The original news that was worthy of excitement was like a thunderbolt at this moment.I was thinking that myself is still young and has no children. Even if I divorce, I can continue to find someone and re -plan my life. The sudden child made me completely mess with my hands and feet.

I thought about playing the child, but I didn’t want to be this little life.I have also thought about being born by myself, and there are too many obstacles in reality, and I don’t want to affect my future because of my child.I even thought about finding my husband, but I couldn’t let go of my self -esteem, not to mention he lived well with his lover now.

My heart is so contradictory, I don’t know what to do.

Instructor answer:

Indeed, such a very low probability happened to you. For you, it must be difficult to accept for a while and a half. However, you need to solve some solutions in everything. You must also be able to face it.

First of all, you can’t take this matter alone. Your husband has the right to know, so you need to contact him to discuss with him.

If you all think that your child should be born and you are willing to raise, he must also bear most of the future costs of the child, instead of raising it alone.If he is sincere enough and is willing to turn back, then he should learn to let go of the past and cross his heart, but it must be explained that such errors are not allowed to have the next time.

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