What should I do if my blood sugar is "high"?Three methods to keep your mother and child peace

In order to be able to replenish the nutrients needed by the body during pregnancy, it will comprehensively consume various foods. If the diet is unreasonable, it may cause blood sugar to rise, which will cause diabetes during gestational.Health, lowering blood sugar during pregnancy is imperative.

1. Exercise

Appropriate exercise during pregnancy can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, thereby greatly increasing the use of glucose and reducing blood sugar.A regular and rhythmic aerobic exercise should be selected, such as walking and yoga. The time for each exercise is controlled within 30 minutes, exercise 3 to 5 times a week, and maintain heart rate of 120 times per minute to avoid strenuous exercise.

2. Injecting insulin

Pregnancy diabetes cannot use oral hypoglycemic drugs, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the fetus.You can reduce blood sugar by injection of insulin, but insulin cannot be used for a long time. Entulinin is injected at about 8 am every day. After lunch and dinner, you can control the postprandial high blood sugar with a medium -effect insulin.

3. Diet therapy

Try to use corn oil, soybean oil, etc. in life to cook food, try to choose steamed, boiled, cold, and eat more foods rich in cellulose, which can help improve blood sugar.To achieve the balance of diet, eat less meals, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to match the thickness, and try not to pick eaters and not eat.

1. It is easy to cause newborns hypoglycemia

High blood sugar in the body of pregnant women will cause hyperglycemia by the baby through the placenta, and the baby will prone to high insulinmia, which will lead to excessive growth of the fetal baby.

2, huge child

High blood glucose of pregnant women can easily lead to excess nutrition. Excess nutrition will cause the fetus to absorb too much nutrients, which exceeds the load, causing a huge fetus for the fetus. Difficulty during production will have a certain harm to both pregnant women and fetuses.

3. The fetus is infected

Pregnant women’s blood sugar will directly affect the fetus through the placenta. The baby is particularly susceptible to infection. After the infection, the baby’s health will be threatened. After birth, it is easy to be weak and sick or even cause organs.

4. Respiratory failure

The blood sugar value of pregnant women cannot be stable, so it will cause the mature delay of the lungs of the newborn children, and it is easy to suffer from respiratory distress syndrome.

5. Hypogenia

High blood sugar in pregnant women is not conducive to the growth of the fetus. Once the child is born, the environment of high blood sugar is left. If it is not time to add sugar, it will easily lead to decrease in sugar, increase the number of red blood cells in the baby, and hypotonal calcium.

Kind tips

During pregnancy, we must actively control the weight, control the intake of fat and sugar, and exercise appropriately.

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