What should I do if it is difficult to enlighten the hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

For some pregnant mothers, hemorrhoids will be president during pregnancy and postpartum, but don’t worry too much.First of all, it is necessary to know how to prevent the occurrence of constipation and hemorrhoids, and the second reason why hemorrhoids are found.Generally, hemorrhoids during this period are due to the effects of excessive yellow hoss during pregnancy, force during production or defecation, and the uterus in the recovery of the uterus.Hemorrhoids often affect people’s normal life and work. In severe cases, it is difficult to even sit and walk. It is really painful.The hemorrhoids during pregnancy are mainly due to the impact of excessive pregnancy during pregnancy: most women secrete a substance during pregnancy.There will be no good before.Therefore, when eating food, the food will respond in the stomach, and the defecation time will be extended. Over time, it will become dry because it stays for too long.occurring.

In order to ensure the nutritional needs of the fetus during pregnancy, the arterial blood flow in the pelvic cavity of pregnant women will increase.With the development of the baby, the uterus of expectant mothers has become increasingly increasing, compressing the pelvic cavity, and causing the blood flow background in hemorrhoids to be hindered.Specific mothers often have stools or constipation to cause blood stasis of hemorrhoids in the lower end of the rectum and the hemorrhoids of the anus, causing hemorrhoids.Or because the blood supply in the pelvic cavity increased during pregnancy, and when the baby grew up day by day, the uterus also swelled, and then compressed the veins, causing blood to be blocked.During pregnancy, the blood stagnation is stagnant due to the compression of the uterus during the rectal and anus, which will also promote the occurrence of hemorrhoids.The relaxation of pelvic tissue during pregnancy can also promote the occurrence of hemorrhoids.Hemorrhoids during pregnancy generally occur from 28 to 36 weeks in the second trimester.So how can we alleviate hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

After pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids, the most troublesome thing is that the stool is difficult to solve, and it is easy to constipation.The more severe the constipation, the more severe the hemorrhoids, the more serious the hemorrhoids, and the more difficult the stool is, thereby forming a vicious circle.Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat light diet, eat more cellulose foods, minimize the occurrence of constipation and reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Sitting for a long time will increase the severity of the varicose veins near the anus, thereby aggravating hemorrhoids.Therefore, pregnant mothers must maintain proper exercise after pregnancy. They often take a walk and do housework. These can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.Of course, if you are really uncomfortable, go to the hospital as soon as possible to see a doctor, do not resist hard.Doctors will use the most professional attitude to treat you on the premise of ensuring fetal safety.

Some pregnant mothers ask if they can take medicine during pregnancy to treat hemorrhoids?No, after pregnancy, you cannot take medicine and rub the ointment. If you are not careful, the health of the fetus that may be harmful, so this makes the hemorrhoids that are not seriously ill "no medicine can be cured".Can’t take medicine, you can’t rub the ointment, let alone surgery, but can only resist.If it is mild hemorrhoids, it will not have much impact on the daily life of pregnant mothers. This situation can be treated after the production is completed.However, if it is severe hemorrhoids, the pregnant mother can’t get on the toilet, and she dare not sit or stand, and it will bring great trouble to daily life.

However, for the safety of the fetus, doctors do not recommend pregnant mothers for medication.However, the pain caused by a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise can be eased first, and the impact of the basic life of pregnant women can be reduced. After giving birth to a child, treatment.

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