What should I do if I want to play mobile phones when I am pregnant?Does it affect the fetus?

The current life can be said to be surrounded by electronic products. Various electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are indispensable in work and life, but the harm caused by electromagnetic radiation has also attracted more and more attention.Especially for pregnant women, have mobile phone radiation harm the fetus?

Like TV, computers, microwave ovens, etc., mobile phones will emit low -level "non -ionizing" radiation than electrical appliances we are in contact with each day, which is much somewhat slightly more slightly more radiating. Experts from all over the world believe that non -ionizing radiation is unlikely to hurt the injury to being in the past.The development of the fetus, because it is at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is possible to use mobile phones during pregnancy.

However, we still have to do a good job of preventing work. The first three months of pregnancy is the early pregnancy and the most vulnerable environment. In this period, we should stay away. Use less mobile phones. Pay attention to using household appliances.

Reduce standby

When the electrical appliances are suspended, it is best not to let them stand for a long time, because the weakened electromagnetic field will be generated during the standby, and the long -standing standby will also produce radiation accumulation.

Wash your face

There are a large amount of electrostatic on the surface of the computer’s fluorescent screen, which will gather a lot of dust. In contact, these dusts will be transferred to the naked places on the face and hands of the hands. Over time, it is easy to occur., Wash the skin in time after using the computer.

Use your mobile phone as little as possible

Although you can use your mobile phone, in order to reduce the damage, you still need to use less. You can use a fixed -line to contact your mobile phone. If you want to use your mobile phone, you need to minimize the call time.

I can’t get the phone in a hurry

Do n’t worry when answering the phone. When the mobile phone is connected and the charging is called, the electromagnetic radiation released is the largest, so it is best to answer the phone after the phone rang for one or two seconds. Do not answer the phone when the phone is charged.

Nutritional supplements

If you often contact your computer during pregnancy, you can eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, red dates, and arterial liver, lean meat, etc., supplement vitamin A and protein.You can also drink more active substances such as tea and tea polyphenols in tea, which is conducive to washing hands and resisting radioactive substances.

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