What should I do if I take fetal medicine?

Fetal protection

What should I do if I see red

There are many reasons for pregnancy bleeding.

First of all, the cause of bleeding after pregnancy may have the following points

1. Breakal abortion

2. Extra pregnancy

3. Bleeding of cervical diseases with pregnancy, such as cervical polyps, cervical inflammation, etc.

4. Portosy, etc.

Early pregnancy, if bleeding after pregnancy,

First of all, a gynecological examination should be done to see if the bleeding site is cervix or uterine cavity. Then judge whether there are cervical pain and the size of the uterus (if bleeding is found in the cervix at this time, then treat it according to the cervical disease.In pain, then do B -ultrasound to eliminate ectopic pregnancy).

Then if necessary, do a B -ultrasound (if the menopause time is short, it is recommended to do vaginal B -ultrasound to identify it early) to further confirm whether early pregnancy in the palace.

It was confirmed that it was intrauterine pregnancy. Bleeding considers the signs of abortion. At this time, the fetal medicine was considered.

There are many causes of vaginal hemorrhage after menopause. Just like farmers’ uncle grows vegetables, many reasons can cause threatened abortion. The quality of the seeds is not good, the soil quality is not good, the water is not well -poured or the insects are bitten.


Here I also need to emphasize that the role of fetal preservation drugs often wants to be limited. Many times, the quality of the embryo itself and the physique of the mother.If it is the reason for the quality of the seeds, it is useless to use more fetal medicine.Generally speaking, lutenone can only have a effect on dysalia function.The role of other reasons is very limited.

Therefore, there is still bleeding after the fetus, and you need to evaluate again

多 1. If bleeding increases, to see if there is any abortion from aura abortion, that is, whether the fetal protection is failed.

H 2. Evaluate blood HCG and B -ultrasound and see the development of embryos. These two indicators are good, and sometimes a small amount of bleeding is not a problem.

颈 3. Check the cultivation of cervical secretions to see if there is infection.

床 4. Being in bed is not necessary. If you have less activity during your fetus, you must pay attention to the passive activities of both lower limbs, otherwise it is easy to form blood thrombosis on both lower limbs.

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