What should I do if I prepare for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactating infection?

With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention policy, the number of new crown -positive cases in the society has gradually increased, and friends in the special period during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation are also facing new problems and challenges.Take everyone to learn about the knowledge of the new crown during the pregnancy.

1. If pregnant women are infected with the new coronal virus, will it increase the bad ending of the mother and child?Will it be passed to the fetus in the palace?

The current results of the study did not suggest that pregnant women infected the risk of fetal malformation would increase the risk of fetal malformations. The chance of transmitting to the fetus through the intra -palace was extremely low, so there was no need to blindly terminate pregnancy.However, pregnant women infected with new coronary pneumonia in the intensive care unit, mechanical ventilation and ECMO usage rate, and the mortality rate of the disease than ordinary people. New crown pneumonia during pregnancy can also easily cause preliminary eclampsia, miscarriage/premature birth, premature fetal membrane, and death in the fetus.Especially heavy or critical infections.Therefore, the majority of pregnant women must do: 1. To strengthen protection, try to avoid densely crowded places and reduce social contact; 2. Actively vaccinate new crown vaccines; 3. Reasonable meal, drink more water, ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and eggs, and to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and eggs, and to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and eggs, and to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and eggs, and to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and egg milk, to ensure meat and eggs, and to ensure meat and eggs.The intake of fruits; 4. Pay attention to disinfection of the surrounding environment and the environment. The ground and the surface of the furniture can be wiped with alcohol or Pakistan disinfection solution.5. Open window ventilation. After cleaning every day, you can open the window to ventilate or wait for the warm weather at noon.

2. What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with the new coronary virus?What circumstances do I need to seek medical treatment in time?

Pregnant women infected with new crown viruses, just like ordinary people. Most of them are asymptomatic or mild, and they can monitor and treat at home.Specific manifestations are fever, headache, headache, muscle soreness, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and other symptoms.Different from ordinary people is that the increase in body temperature is bound to cause an increase in heart rate. When the heart rate of pregnant women increases, the corresponding fetal fetal heart will increase faster. Some pregnant women have Doppler at home.Don’t be nervous, wait for the temperature decrease of body temperature and the heart rate of the mother’s body. Most of them will return to the normal range.2. During the new crown of pregnant women, they should always pay attention to fetal movement. If the fetal movement is significantly reduced or the fetal movement is reduced, they need to seek medical treatment in time.3. Pregnant women with complications, such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, etc., may occur during infection with new coronary virus, and pregnant women with blood glucose and poor blood sugar control may occur, especially Ill diabetes pregnant women with infection.Acid poisoning, blood pressure fluctuations, improper use of drugs cause renal damage, accumulation of drugs, and further aggravation of primary diseases. You need to contact your perinatal health doctor and internal surgeon to consult related precautions in time, and seek medical treatment in time.4. During the new crown of pregnant women, if high fever continues to retreat, continue to panic, chest tightness, asthma and other symptoms after the fever is retreat, the symptoms of chest tightness, and asthma need to be treated in time.5. When the vaginal bleeding occurs during the new crown, there are more vaginal bleeding than menstrual flow, vaginal fluid, and continuous lower abdominal pain.

3. How to treat pregnant women infected with new crowns?

The new coronal virus was infected. It mainly manifested in the early stage as a fever.Fever is the immune response of the body. The increase in body temperature can help the body better fight against the virus, but at the same time can cause systemic discomfort.In terms of treatment, no matter how to fever or alleviate systemic symptoms and respiratory symptoms, try to choose a single component drug to avoid using compound preparations. Complex preparations are mostly mixed preparations with several drug components, increasing additional risk of drug exposure.

what to do if I have a fever?

1. If the body temperature is lower than 38.5 ° C, you can wipe a large area of the towels, and the towels are wrapped in ice packs and placed in large blood vessels such as under the armpits, groin, and nests for physical cooling.

2. If the body temperature is higher than 38.5 ° C, actively apply antipyretic drugs.Pregnant women are preferred to be acetylphenol, and common ones are acetaminol suspension, dried suspension, particles, mild release capsules, and tablets.According to the selected dosage form, the specific amount of use of the specifications is used for medication.It can be administered every 4-6 hours, 4 times a day.If you cannot buy acetaminol, you can choose ibuprofen, and there are different dosage forms in the market. However, you need to avoid application in the later stages of pregnancy, which may cause the risk of premature closing of the fetal arterial catheter.

How can respiratory symptoms relieve?

1. Regardless of the respiratory symptoms, drink as much as possible, especially during the fever, the amount of water consumption in the body increases, and it is necessary to replenish water or oral replenishment salt in time.

2. Heat, sore throat, and whole body pain. You can choose to choose flowers clear plague/granules, double Huanglian oral liquid, Jinlian clearing hot bubble tablet, clearing heat and detoxifying oral solution, mulberry chrysanthemum, small Chaihu granules, board blue root particles, etc.

3. Cough and yellow sputum are the main person, you can choose compound fresh bamboo, lung cough synthetic, Chuanbei cream, Tongxuanli lung pills, ampacriskels, acetyl half -year cuscophaitate and so on.

4. Those who are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can choose Huoxiang Zhengqi soft capsules or oral solution.

5. Those with nasal congestion, runny nose, physiological saline or sea salt water spray nose.

4. How can I give birth to the new crown during delivery?

At present, there is no evidence that the delivery of cesarean section can reduce the risk of mothers’ complications and new crowns infection, so the choice of childbirth methods depends on the condition of obstetrics.New coronary pneumonia cannot withstand vaginal delivery, acute fetal uterine distress, etc. Clicpocoopic seminars need to terminate pregnancy.Maternal mothers infected with new crowns pay attention to supplementing nutrition and hydrolysis during childbirth.

5. How to breastfeed the maternal infection?

During the lactation mother’s infection with the new coronal virus, it is necessary to avoid contact with newborns for a long time. The course of the new crown virus infection is not long. Most of them are 5-7 days.

However, you can still insist on breastfeeding. At present, the research evidence has not found that the new coronary virus is positive in the milk. Pay attention to breastfeeding: 1. Wash your hands before breastfeeding, continue to wear N95 masks before feeding and breastfeeding; 2. You can also squeeze out manually.Or the breast pump sucks the breast milk and feeds the newborn by a healthy relative. In the process, pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the appliance.

6. How can I seek medical treatment during the new crown?

According to the current epidemic prevention policy, any hospital cannot be pushed to a new crown -positive pregnant woman, so the majority of pregnant women can rest assured to go to the hospital for medical treatment for regular surrounding health care.1. During normal work, the situation allows to go to the outpatient medical treatment by itself.2. During the normal work, you can go to the emergency treatment.3. During the fever period, a hot kidnapped evaluation must be performed.4. Emergency can dial 120.

At present, in accordance with the "New Ten Articles" policy requirements, our hospital will ensure the safety of the mother and baby of each pregnant woman to the greatest extent.Each obstetrician medical worker daily nucleic acid testing to better ensure the safety of special women in pregnant women.

7. Can I vaccinate the new crown vaccine during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation?

1. Why do you need to vaccinate?Vaccination has two benefits: 1. Reduce the risk of severe illness during pregnancy; 2. The protective IgG antibody generated by the mother’s body after vaccine can pass the placenta, so that the newborn will have a line of immunity at birth to reduce infants.

2. What vaccines can be vaccinated?At present, large sample research shows that whether it is an active new crown vaccine or a MRNA vaccine or adenovirus vector vaccine, none of them have increased risk of fetal developmental malformations, abortion, and premature birth.

3. Can I get vaccinated when preparing for pregnancy?Women who plan to conceive naturally can inoculate the new crown vaccine in accordance with conventional procedures. There is no need to delay the conception due to the inoculation of the new crown vaccine. After the first needle is found, the pregnancy can be found on time.Men do not affect sperm quality after vaccination.

4. Can it be vaccinated during pregnancy?Considering the inherent adverse reactions that may occur in vaccine, pregnant women who are not infected are temporarily linked; however, in the case of popular risk of infection in life or workplace, it is recommended to vaccinate according to the procedure and can be vaccinated in the early pregnancy, middle and late stages.

5. Inocular vaccination during lactation does not increase additional adverse events. It is recommended that lactating women vaccinate the new crown vaccine according to the program. After vaccination, it can breastfeed normally.Only in a serious adverse event in the mother, in view of the safety considerations of the mother, breastfeeding was suspended.

To sum up: Preparation, pregnancy, and lactation can be vaccinated during pregnancy. Vaccination can reduce the risk of infestation, and at the same time, it can also give babies a certain immunity.

The new crown is not terrible. Do not over -anxiety for pregnant women and maternal friends, balance nutrition, pay attention to rest, exercise appropriately, and maintain a good mood. I believe we can spend this special period in peace with each other.

Zhao Huidan, the obstetric department of Zheng Dayi Affiliated Hospital


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