What should I do if I hit toothache and gums during pregnancy?

Many women will go to the hospital for internal medicine and gynecological examinations before preparing for pregnancy, but few people will do oral examinations.

In outpatient clinics, pregnant women who often have dental diseases during pregnancy are often encountered, but it is sighing that because of the danger of pregnancy, many treatments cannot be carried out, pregnant women are painful, their families are worried, and doctors are helpless!

Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to check your teeth before pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a high incidence of various oral diseases

Investigation and research show that women’s pregnancy does have some adverse effects on oral health, which can easily cause periodontal problems, because the level of estrogen and progesterone after pregnancy has increased significantly, and it will increase inflammation.Conversely, oral diseases during pregnancy can also directly affect the health of pregnant women and the growth and development of the fetus, and increase the risk of hypertrophy, eclampsia and newborn death.

For example, bad stimulus such as dental stones may always exist.However, it is usually not what you do, but after you are pregnant, it will come up with a sense of presence.

For example, the wisdom tooth inflammation that plagues many people may just be swollen and painful every few months, but when the pregnancy, it will intensify, and it will be visited regularly like aunt.

In addition, a small number of expectant mothers also developed a tumor on the teeth. It looks particularly scary and bleeds.This gingival tumor, the incidence of pregnancy is about 0.4%-5%.

In response to these situations, I suggest that female friends take some active preventive measures before pregnancy, such as establishing the correct concept of oral health, actively go to the hospital for oral examination, find problems, and solve it as soon as possible.For example, regular tooth washing can effectively prevent periodontal disease from organic occurrence during pregnancy ~

In addition, pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication of the teeth. For insufficient preparations for pregnancy, pregnant women who have dental diseases during pregnancy can take some necessary measures instead of ignoring it and let it be.

But pay attention to the following:

Three months before and after pregnancy (1-3 months and 7-9 months), it is not appropriate to deal with oral problems

In the first three and last three months of pregnancy, the danger of pregnant women. During this time, pregnant women need to avoid oral treatment as much as possible.Emergency treatment if necessary, for the purpose of alleviating symptoms, it will never move greatly and reduce the risk of expectant mothers as much as possible.

For example, problems such as wisdom tooth inflammation occur during the three months before and after pregnancy. Doctors will tend to be conservative and do symptomatic treatment such as flushing, and then expectant mothers must survive this paragraph by themselves;But in case of this situation such as crown abscess and acute root inflammation, it will be quite tricky.

In this special period, serious problems are encountered. It is not impossible to cure, but expectant mothers and babies need to bear considerable risks during the treatment process.

Therefore, if you do not do a good job of prevention during pregnancy, you will encounter the tooth problem in three months before and after, and the expectant mothers are ready to be a prospective man ~

It can be treated with more complicated treatment, such as pulp therapy, can also be extracted as appropriate (be careful), and under appropriate protection (leading clothing), you can shoot X -rays (must obtain the consent of the patient).

However, because there are many medical taboos during pregnancy, the treatment operation that is usually handy is also tricky. The treatment is difficult, the treatment cycle is long, and pregnant women are also painful.


It is very recommended that the ladies with the age of childcare do oral examination and preventive therapy before pregnancy (such as tooth washing, dental caries, removing bad wisdom teeth, etc.), discover problems, solve it as soon as possible, and prevent oral diseases from having uneasiness or some adverse effects during pregnancy or some adverse effects., Sighing the special and critical period of life in life!

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