What should I do if I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?I can only sleep!This kind of pain can only understand if "people come here"

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"HOLD Live Sister" Xie Yilin shared a dynamic on Weibo a few days ago: "I kept shouting before birth, I wanted to lie down, I did n’t sleep for a long time, and then I did n’t sleep.sleep."

As the saying goes, "Ten people and nine hemorrhoids", the incidence of hemorrhoids is high.Especially for maternal women, in October, she would have worked very hard. If hemorrhoids come again at this time, it will really make the pregnant mothers miserable.

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Why does it appear hemorrhoids during pregnancy?There may be the following factors for the reason:

1. During pregnancy, the amount of exercise of pregnant mothers is very small, so the gastrointestinal motility of the pregnant woman will weaken and the bowel movements will not be smooth. Over time, they will cause hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

2. The mother’s uterus and pregnancy during pregnancy are more tighter than before pregnancy, and the pelvic cavity is compressed. With the increased blood pressure, the blood vessels become loose, the blood flow of the lower body is slow. At this time, the blood of the lower body cannot return to the heart in time.The venous pressure near the anus leads to hemorrhoids.

3. Increased progesterone makes the elasticity of venous blood vessels weakened and causes hemorrhoids.

What should I do if I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

1. Take a smoked bath daily to treat the hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Effectively relieve hemorrhoids;

2. Adjust your diet, try to eat less or not spicy food, eat more fruits, vegetables, and drink plenty of water;

3. Proper exercise. Due to the particularity of pregnant women’s groups, the range of exercise should not be too large. You can stand more and take a walk around, and increase the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, which is conducive to defecation.

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Can hemorrhoids prevent it?

1. Drink plenty of water and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

2. Eat more high cellulose, strengthen intestinal peristalsis, and reduce constipation.Common high cellulose foods include all -wheat food, beans, fruits and vegetables, but also pay attention to the appropriate amount of high cellulose foods, too much high cellulose foods can easily cause flatulence.

3. Avoid sedentary or long-standing, and exercise appropriately. Whether it is a mother-in-law or a full-time mother, you should avoid sedentary or long-standing to ensure appropriate activities.Exercise to relieve constipation.Side when resting or sleeping.

4. Cold covered with an anus in ice, allowing blood vessels to shrink, especially venous, 3-4 times a day, 10 minutes each time.

5. Sit a bath in hot water, put a certain temperature of hot water in the basin for sitting bath, accelerate the blood circulation of the perianal perianal, 2-3 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time.Mixed application, such as cold compress and then hot water bath, repeated circulation.

6. Keep hygiene in the anus. If you wipe it with a toilet paper after the stool, wipe it with a wet paper towel. The conditions can be washed with warm water.

Will hemorrhoids affect the delivery during pregnancy?

There are also pregnant mothers who are worried that hemorrhoids during pregnancy will affect the delivery. In fact, the hemorrhoids itself will not affect the delivery, but the pregnant mother with big hemorrhoids will be more painful. When the pregnant mother has a child, hemorrhoids will be more and more powerful.When it is amazing, it will swell to an unbearable level.Therefore, we say that mothers with hemorrhoids can be produced smoothly, but the postpartum recovery and effort during postpartum mothers must be special and careful.If hemorrhoids are particularly serious or even removed from the rectum, you must see a doctor in time.

In particular, it is necessary to use drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor, because not all drugs can be used for pregnant women!

Xiaobian reminds: women during pregnancy are high hemorrhoids, mainly because in the late pregnancy period, due to the increase in blood supply in the pelvic cavity and increasing the uterus with the fetus, compressing the veins, causing the blood flow to be blocked.The occurrence and worsening of hemorrhoids.In addition, because the rectal and anus are oppressed and blood flow is not smooth, this will also cause hemorrhoids.

Therefore, women should pay more attention to their anorectal health during pregnancy, eat well while eating well, but also be careful not to sit for a long time, and to participate in some outdoor activities appropriately!

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