What should I do if I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Don’t panic, look here!

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids. The incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is as high as 76%. It is an intravenous cluster formed by the hemorrhoids of the lower rectal mucosa and the deep hemorrhoids of the hemorrhoids on the deep surface of the anal skin.The occurrence of hemorrhoidal veins is related to the pressure of compression and foreign stimulus.

The hemorrhoids during pregnancy were caused by the increased blood flow and the venous uterus of the rectum.The vein will become larger, becoming a hard, swollen sac, and under the mucous membrane inside or outside the rectum.Hemorrhoids may be initially developed during pregnancy, or become more frequent or more serious.

Constipation also has an impact on hemorrhoids, because stress can make the rectal vein larger.Constipation is a very common problem during pregnancy, especially in the next few months, the uterine increasing contest at that time compressed the large intestine.

Hemorrhoids may be painful, bleeding, itching or tingling, especially after defecation.Generally speaking, hemorrhoids will become smaller or disappeared after childbirth.

Prevention and self -care methods

The best way to deal with hemorrhoids is to avoid constipation.To prevent hemorrhoids or eliminate discomfort, you can try the following secrets:

1. Eat high -fiber food, vegetables and fruits with smooth and smooth stools

Such as spinach, daylily, fungus and apples, peaches, pears, bananas, melons, etc.If there is difficulty bowel movements, edible honey or some vegetables containing vegetable oils, such as sesame, walnut kernels, etc.

2. Stop eating spicy and exciting foods

Such as wine, pepper, pepper, pepper, ginger, green onion, garlic, etc.Eat less food that is not easy to digest, so as not to cause constipation and aggravate hemorrhoids.

3. Smoked bathing can be used to fried water with rhubarb, yellow cypress, yellow Cen, and bitter ginseng. After daily or morning and evening, wash the affected area first, and then wash the affected area for 15-20 minutes each time.

4. Reduce the time of standing or sitting for a long time, and properly do outdoor sports to make the blood circulation smoother.

5. The anal lifting exercise, close the thighs together, shrink the anus when inhaling, and relax the anus when exhaling.

Repeatedly, 3 times a day, 30 times each time to enhance the muscle strength at the bottom of the pelvis, which is conducive to defecation and prevent hemorrhoids.

6. Massage therapy, there are two massage sites, namely anus and abdomen.After the stool, use a hot towel to press the anus, massage for 15 minutes in the direction of clockwise and counterclockwise to improve the local blood circulation; abdominal massage takes the upper position, and the hands are massaged 15 times in the lower abdomen and the counterclockwise.Once, it is conducive to defecation, prevent constipation, and improves the improvement of hemorrhoids.

7. Avoid pressure during defecation.Put your feet on the stool to reduce the pressure, and don’t sit on the toilet for too long.

Medical care

If you don’t care about self -care, doctors can prescribe the prescription to give you an ointment or suppository to relieve the uncomfortableness of hemorrhoids.Tai Ning’s hemorrhoid paste or suppository is available. Please consult the doctor of the property before use.

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