What should I do if I have gastroenteritis in the early stages of pregnancy?Keep in mind these 2 points, actively cooperate

Gastroenteritis is caused by gastrointestinal mucosa or microbial infection. It is usually more common in summer and autumn. Patients will have symptoms such as frequent diarrhea, vomiting abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. For pregnant women, gastroenteritis is a typeDiseases that cannot be underestimated.Frequent diarrhea may lead to dehydration of pregnant women, contractions, and increase the chance of fetal abortion.Therefore, gastroenteritis must be paid attention to in the early stages of pregnancy.

1. Time to seek medical treatment in time

Because many drugs have adverse effects on the fetus, after pregnant women suffer from gastroenteritis, they must not take the medicine without permission. They should seek medical treatment in time. They should take medication under the diagnosis of a doctor to see if it is a gastroenteritis caused by microorganisms.Determine the cause. If the symptoms of dehydration occur in the pregnant woman, some physiological saline can be appropriately supplemented. The symptoms can be taken to condition for conditioning. If the symptoms are severe, follow the doctor’s diagnosis, and take the antibiotic that is harmless to the fetus for treatment.

2. Adjust the diet

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women are in a very sensitive stage, and the fetus is also prone to distortion due to drugs. Therefore, gastroenteritis wants to get better and eat more in her diet.

1. Control the amount of food

Patients with gastroenteritis, after the initial relief of vomiting and diarrhea, in order to provide nutrition for the fetus, they should eat some foods, but the amount should be controlled, eat less meals, do not take too much at a time, avoid the fragile gastrointestinal system that cannotBerring and aggravating the condition again.

2. Mainly liquid food

Loss food is the most suitable for patients with gastroenteritis. Both porridge and soup are the first choice. Patients with multiple diarrhea can replenish water and electrolytes in time to avoid the appearance of dehydration.Relieve diarrhea.

3. It is strictly forbidden to eat greasy and difficult to digest food

The gastrointestinal digestive function with gastroenteritis is very weak, so the diet must choose foods that are easy to digest. It is strictly forbidden to eat greasy to digest food prematurely.time.

After gastroenteritis in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women must be treated in time, combined with diet conditioning to restore health as soon as possible. Usually life should pay attention to maintaining healthy eating habits. Eating less should not digest cold foods. Pay attention to cleaning food.It’s right.

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