What should I do if I have diarrhea during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many mothers have the trouble of diarrhea, but what is most worried about whether mothers are most worried about whether they will affect the health of the fetus.Does the diarrhea affect the fetus? The question that has been troubled by my mother for a long time will give you a comprehensive questioning and confusion ~

1. Does pregnancy diarrhea affect the fetus?

Pregnancy itself does not cause diarrhea, nor will the symptoms of diarrhea exacerbated, but frequent and severe diarrhea symptoms during pregnancy may cause uterine contraction and cause abortion.absorb.

Therefore, once diarrhea occurs in pregnant women, the most important treatment measures should be appropriately replenished to make up for the water and electrolytes of the pregnant mother due to the loss of diarrhea, especially the supplement of potassium ions, which can increase the heat in the pregnant mother’s body. At the same time, pay attention to observation or feel the abdomen.Whether the baby’s condition is normal and signs of premature or miscarriage.

How to do after pregnant women diarrhea

1. Pay attention to the supplementary electrolyte

Do not eat for the time being, make up for water and electrolytes and calories lost due to diarrhea.Can prepare some porridge that is easy to digest for pregnant women. If it is not very serious, the empty belly will be fine.While the liquid is replenished, we must closely observe whether the fetus’s condition is good and signs of abortion or premature birth.

2. Watch closely

If the fetal condition is abnormal, you should go to the hospital immediately, and you must not care to prevent miscarriage or premature birth.If the possibility of abortion or premature delivery is excluded, the medicine can be used carefully according to the degree of diarrhea of pregnant women, but drugs must be used with caution.

Some commonly used antibiotics and antigen drugs, in addition to adverse reactions, may also cause fetal malformations.It can be used to solve the diarrhea phenomenon of pregnant women with a more mild anti -diarrhea. It can also take some micro -ecological preparations for pregnant women to adjust the intestinal flora and correct evil.

However, the diarrhea of pregnant women is also in a period of time. If the pregnant woman who is about to give birth is diarrhea, she isolate the bedside according to intestinal infectious diseases to ensure the safety of babies and other mothers.

3. Food treatment method

Pregnant women should pay attention to diet regulation, do not take medicine without authorization, and eat some foods rich in vitamin C and folic acid.Eat at least one kind of vitamin C food every day, including: citrus, broccoli, honey, green peppers, tomatoes, etc.Eat at least one kind of folic acid every day, including: dark green vegetables, calf, beans.Women who are pregnant need 400 micrograms of folic acid every day to prevent neonatal defects such as spine bales.

At least one kind of food rich in vitamin A is consumed the next day, including carrots, pumpkin, spinach, cabbage and so on.Eat or drink at least four dairy products and high -calcium foods to help you get 1200 mg of calcium in your daily diet.Eat at least three iron -rich foods a day to ensure that you get 30 mg of iron from your daily diet.Drink plenty of water, eat more millet, do not eat spicy food and cold and greasy food.Reduce the amount of diet and extend the meals interval.Edible foods such as rice soup and noodles.Edible foods with anti -diarrhea, such as cooking eggs, fried rice noodles, sugar and salt water, rice soup.Stop meat, eat less fruits, vegetables, especially fried foods and fried grilled foods.

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