What should I do if I have back pain and ass pain during pregnancy?The reactions brought by these pregnancy can be relieved

Many women only consider the happiness and pain that may bring during pregnancy during the pregnancy of pregnancy, but they do not pay attention to the discomfort and pain that may bring during pregnancy.Pregnancy is not just as simple as performing on TV. Many things need to be previewed in advance in order to avoid busy hands during pregnancy, or excessive nervousness as soon as it happens.

During pregnancy, due to changes in body hormone levels and the growth of the fetus, it will bring about large and small problems to pregnant mothers.There are many pain that may have during pregnancy. The mother or mother -in -law around you can’t remember to tell you that you need to prepare in advance.

"Back pain" is believed to be a pregnancy symptoms that many pregnant mothers can resonate.Especially in the third trimester, because the uterus becomes increasingly larger, the center of gravity of expectant mothers will lean forward, and the body’s shoulders and heads have to lean back to achieve balance, forming a unique posture of a pregnant woman.

However, this posture can easily cause excessive convexness of the waist spine of the pregnant mother, which causes spine pain.However, this kind of pain is a normal phenomenon, which will not endanger the health of pregnant mothers, but at the same time, pay attention to proper rest to avoid standing for a long time and sedentary.

Many mother -in -law, seven aunts and eight aunts said that postpartum back pain is not the same as low back pain during pregnancy.Generally speaking, after giving birth to a baby, the reason why the waist hurts the waist is basically caused by the proper warmth and breastfeeding posture during the confinement. Therefore, we must prepare in advance.

When the fetus is constantly developing in the mother’s uterus, it will cause a certain pressure on the back of the pregnant mother, and even squeeze the sciatic nerves, so that the pregnant mother’s waist to the legs will have a strong tingling sensation.Although many pregnant mothers will experience it, they don’t need to worry too much, they can relieve pain.

In the daytime, the pregnant mother is best not to maintain the same posture for more than half an hour; when sleeping at night, you can choose the left side and place a pillow between the two knees.pressure.

Because the blood supply during pregnancy increases, and the blood return of the lower body is slower than usual, which increases the venous pressure passively.Therefore, many pregnant mothers will feel the swelling of the vulva, accompanied by local skin red, and even severe pain in the vulva when walking. This phenomenon is a type of venous veins during pregnancy -vulvar veins.

But sometimes the symptoms are mild, and the pregnant mother can’t find the change of physical changes.If you want to improve the varicose veins, pregnant mothers can raise their legs, change their postures, and control the growth of weight to relieve symptoms.At the same time, you should pay attention to drinking plenty of water and eating more crude fiber food during pregnancy, which helps avoid the symptoms of bleeding caused by varicose veins.

Do you have these pains?How is it improved?If you have any questions, leave a message to tell us ~

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