What should I do if I have appendicitis during pregnancy?

The arrival of some diseases is not what we can decide, such as appendicitis, and even when pregnant, it may also be favored. The pregnant mother was already very hard during pregnancy. Coupled with appendicitis, it was really worse.

Do you need surgery during pregnancy?

Regardless of the pregnancy stage, once acute appendicitis is found, surgery is definitely needed to cut off the appendix; it should be treated as soon as possible, and generally there will be no sequelae.

Because with the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, pain will gradually rise, and it may have more adverse effects on pregnant women and babies, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine infection, etc.

If you have acute appendicitis during pregnancy, the specific manifestation is that the abdomen will have strong pain.If it is abortion or premature, it will cause the entire uterine pain.In this case, you need to pay attention to the position of the attachment.The location of the appendix is on the lower abdomen of the human body.This posture will feel pain, and as the pregnancy month gradually increases, the pain will gradually increase. If it is an acute appendicitis, the symptoms of fever will also occur.

Symptoms of appendicitis during pregnancy

1. Right lower abdominal pain

Pregnancy appendicitis may be accompanied by "metastatic lower abdominal pain".At the beginning, the abdomen was painful. After a few hours, the right lower abdomen began to pain, especially the appendicitis that occurred in the early stages of pregnancy.The uterus has not been pushed up to the gastrointestinal tract, nausea and vomiting, and even severe cases are the occurrence of fever, sweating, and thirst.

2. Tenderness point of appendicitis

Due to pregnancy, the uterus of the pregnant mother gradually increases, and the position of the appendix gradually moves upwards, so the tenderness point of appendicitis may not be fixed.

3. Abdominal tenderness is not obvious

When the appendicitis is combined in the middle and late pregnancy, the tenderness of the anterior abdominal wall will not be too obvious, but there will be obvious tenderness on the waist.

Acute appendicitis must pay special attention to during pregnancy, because he may develop into peritonitis; peritonitis may cause high fever in pregnant women, and then accelerate uterine contraction, which will cause the fetus to die from childbirth.It is also prone to abortion, premature birth, etc., affecting the pain during childbirth, which may weaken, thereby extending childbirth time.

How to treat appendicitis during pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy

If acute appendicitis occurs in the early pregnancy, it is necessary to surgery in time.Because the surgery has little impact on the uterus at this time, it will not affect the fetus.If you wait until the recurrence of the middle and late surgery, the difficulty of the uterine increase will greatly increase, which will be more unfavorable to the fetus.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

If there is acute appendicitis in the second trimester, non -surgical therapy can be used when the symptoms are mild, and a large dose of intravenous injection can be used.If the situation deteriorates, surgery must be performed. At this time, surgery will not have a great impact on the uterus.So 4-6 months of pregnancy are the best time to remove the appendix in surgery.

3. Late pregnancy

Acute appendicitis in the second trimester needs surgery.If the mother feels uncomfortable in the late pregnancy and is determined to be an appendicitis, she needs to surgery as soon as possible. After all, only the mother is healthy, and the baby in the abdomen can grow healthy healthy. At this time, the baby is born in advance, and basically survive safely.

How to prevent appendicitis in pregnant women

In daily life, especially after pregnancy, everyone can take certain measures to prevent the occurrence of appendicitis.

1 Appropriate activity, moderate strength.Moderate activities are conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant women.You can often go to the park with your family.

2 Be careful not to overeating and avoid eating unclean food; unclean foods can cause acute gastroenteritis attacks, which may cause the appendix to be affected and cause acute appendicitis. Do not eat too much food that causes gastrointestinal stonesEssence

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