What should I do if I have an acute attack on the asthma of pregnant women?Keep in mind these 3 tricks!

Ms. Chen, who is in her forties, pregnant with Erbao this year. The whole family is looking forward to the birth of Erbao’s healthy and smooth birth.Unexpectedly, when she was pregnant for more than 6 months, Ms. Chen had a phenomenon of coughing, and sometimes even breathing.

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As soon as I went to the hospital for an examination, the asthma that had been suffered a few years ago was on the attack again!Moreover, the lung function has declined, and the doctor said that it would be more dangerous if it was not treated.But when I think of hormones and other drugs used for asthma, I am pregnant, will I have a bad impact on my baby? Ms. Chen is tangled.

The deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department of the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou City, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department, introduced that asthma is a common disease. In our country, there are tens of millions of asthma patients; asthma can affect about 3-8%of pregnant women during pregnancy.Mild asthma only manifested as long -term cough, chest tightness, and poor breathing. In severe cases, it may have breathing, difficulty breathing, and even life -threatening.

Wei Shuquan introduced that if he suffers from asthma, he should try to control asthma before pregnancy and then get pregnant. If you have asthma, you must not taboo diseases and doctors. You must control the symptoms as much as possible.

Wei Shuquan pointed out that the impact of drugs on pregnancy must be carefully considered.Especially 3-8 weeks after fertilization is the stage of differentialization, development, and formation of most organs. It is most likely to be affected by drugs and severe deformities. After 9-14 weeks after fertilization, there are still some structures and organs that have not been completely formed.It will cause some malformations (palate and genitals); the effects of drugs on the fetus after 14 weeks after fertilization are mainly functional abnormalities or poor survival after birth.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

The harm of acute aggravation of asthma during pregnancy is risks such as worsening symptoms, threatened eclampsia, increasing cesarean section, and postpartum bleeding;Risks such as increased rates and delayed growth and development.

Wei Shuquan said, "The acute aggravation of asthma during pregnancy is much greater than the impact of the side reaction of the drug on the fetus, but the profit and disadvantage must be fully weighing before taking the medicine." For the treatment of asthma, expectant mothers must be under the guidance of a specialist doctor.Standardized treatment.

Through individual assessment, doctors will adjust the dosage of medication based on the severity of asthma.Inhale Bu Di Need+short effectiveness?The compound preparation of the receptor agonist is the first choice of asthma during pregnancy. The inhalation method should be selected as much as possible to reduce oral and intravenous administration.

1. Stay away from the "transformer" that induces asthma

Avoid factors that can induce asthma in daily life.The "transgender" of each person’s asthma is different. Common allergies are the original dust mites, pollen, animal fur, smoke, etc., to avoid it in life.In particular, to avoid cigarettes, this can improve the physical fitness of pregnant women and reduce the use of drugs.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

2. Regulate the medication under the guidance of the doctor

The acute aggravation of asthma during pregnancy is much more impactful than the side reaction of the drug, but whether it can be used for medication. How to use medicine must be carried out under the guidance of a specialist.

3. Avoid mental stimulation and maintain a pleasant mood

Treat the condition correctly and avoid excessive mental stress.Asthma pregnant women must master the knowledge of asthma and self -management skills.

Wei Shuquan reminded that in addition to reasonable inhalation of drugs, you usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.As long as the treatment is standardized, regular review, pay attention to enhancing immunity.

Guidance experts in this article: Guangzhou First People’s Hospital Respiratory Department of Respiratory Department Wei Shuquan Deputy Chief Physician

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