What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?How can I get better?It is critical to do these 3 points

I have a friend who has just been pregnant for more than 4 months.Since the summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, so most of her time after pregnancy has been in the air -conditioned room. Because the temperature difference in the room is relatively large, she is a bit uncomfortable as soon as she goes out, and she has a cold accidentally.Nasal nose, dizziness, and fever are all looking for a brain.

Because she was pregnant, she was a little overwhelmed after she had a cold, for fear that she would hurt the baby in the belly.So what should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy.

In fact, the cold is mainly caused by a virus infection, and for the virus, it is still very headache for the special group of pregnant women. After all, many therapeutic drugs are prohibited from taking pregnant women.

However, this is not a representative of colds during pregnancy. We are helpless. Some obstetrics and gynecologists have summarized the experience, which has very good effects on helping expectant mothers to alleviate colds, such as fever, sore throat and other symptoms.

Today, the old homemates tell you about a cold during pregnancy. What should I do?

1. General treatment

Drink more warm water, pay more attention to rest, diet should be balanced, avoid spicy, avoid fatigue, and enhance immunity.

2. For cough with sputum

In fact, most of the sputum is combined with the upper respiratory tract bacterial infection, which stimulates our throat and causes secretions.Pregnant mothers can try to drink water with pear, rock sugar, and red dates. Drinking a few cups a day will help treat cough. If you still do not improve, you can ask professional pharmacists or doctors to choose cough and expectorant.

If the symptoms are not obvious in the first three months of pregnancy, they are really unwilling to take medicine and can be suspended.After 3 months (the risk of terators is relatively low), the medication should be used, which is relatively safe.

3. Treatment of fever

According to relevant studies, if the pregnancy continues to be more than 39 degrees during pregnancy, the risk coefficient of fetal birth defects will increase, especially the risk of the previous three months is greater.

Therefore, for pregnant women with high fever, especially close to 39 degrees, must be physical to cool down, and taking antipyretics can also be used (weighing risks to find that the benefits of taking medicine to cool down are greater than the disadvantages of continuous high fever).

However, the antipyretic medicine must be used under the guidance of a professional physician according to the actual situation of the individual.

Regarding the fever, the old experts still think that a few more words are mentioned. Many pregnant mothers have a cold or even high fever. They are only willing to physical cooling and refuse to use the medicine, which makes it very unwell to cause continuous high fever 1-2.

Taking medicine during pregnancy is indeed cautious, but pregnancy is like raising a pot of flowers. Mom is a flower pot, and the fetus looks like a flower inside.It is impossible to continue to treat the soil, and it is impossible to expect flowers to look good.

After all, it’s not you who are uncomfortable during pregnancy!It is not easy to get pregnant, and the symptoms of a cold must be medical treatment in time.

All in all, although the impact of pregnant women’s cold on the fetus is not very serious, there is still a certain degree of risk when sick during pregnancy, so I still have to try to prevent colds. Let’s share a few methods to prevent colds for everyone.

1. The indoor does not ventilate for a long time, which is not only easy to breed bacteria, but if someone has a cold at home, the risk of infection will be greater, so you must open the windows and ventilate frequently.

2. Try to go to the place where the air is not circulating and stay away from the cold people. If someone has a cold at home, you must pay attention to stay away from pregnant women.

3. Pregnant women usually exercise more. Although they ca n’t exercise violently, they sometimes go out for a walk, which is also very good.

4. Vaccination of influenza vaccines can be vaccinated at any stage before or during pregnancy.

Well, the knowledge about how to treat a cold during pregnancy is shared here. Thank you for your reading and support.

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