What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?4 tricks teach you to deal with it easily

Perhaps you have thought that at least morning spitting, back pain, edema, and fatigue will occur at least in 9 months of pregnancy, but you may not expect that you will encounter a cold cold.In fact, colds are the most common during pregnancy. Compared to ordinary people, pregnant women are more likely to have a cold, because the resistance during pregnancy is weakened, and it is more likely to be affected by various pathogenic microorganisms.Colds during pregnancy will also be more uncomfortable than usual. For the safety of the baby, you cannot take medicine casually. Except for "hard resistance", you can try to do this:

"Drink more hot water" was used by her boyfriend and husband to use bad words without distinguishing. It was really useful during a cold.Drinking plenty of hot water can promote metabolism, urinate more, and can also excrete toxins in the body; supplement sneezing, runny nose, and water taken away when sweating; you can also adjust your body temperature.So during a cold, others tell you "drink more hot water". Don’t think they are perfunctory you.

Vitamin C can enhance immunity. It can be supplemented by eating more VC -rich vegetables and fruits, such as fresh jujube, orange, grapefruit, orange, tomato, green pepper, etc.For expectant mothers with gestational diabetes and obese, you must avoid some high GI and high GL fruits when eating fruit (see table below).In addition, if you want to add a large dose of VC, it is recommended that you follow the doctor’s advice.

Betting in bed during a cold does not necessarily shorten the course of disease, but at least it can make the body less tired.When lying down, you can use two pillows to put the head too high, which can relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion to a certain extent and help breathe.If your body can eliminate it, you can not have a fever or cough, appropriate exercise may make you faster.

If it is cold and cold, you can cook ginger sugar water in the early stages of a cold, and spread the cold in the body through sweating; if you have a pain, itchy, cough, you can rinse your mouth with light saline;Use saline drops (excluding drugs).

Colds are self -healing. In fact, it can be cured regardless of it in about a week. The above practice can help you reduce symptoms and make you more comfortable.If the cold is severe or even affects eating and sleeping, it is accompanied by yellow -green sputum when coughing, dyspnea or symptoms last more than 1 week.

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