What should I do if I have a cold and fever in patients with lung cancer?Does lung cancer affect future fertility?

We know that many friends in life are affected by the terrible diseases such as lung cancer. In fact, no matter what cancer is, it is a very serious test for patients’ health, especially vicious cancer like lung cancer.As long as the cancer patients have a cold, the condition will easily increase the metastasis, or it will cause fatal danger. In fact, there are not many patients who really die in the cancer in life, most of them die from complications.Because the immunity of patients with lung cancer itself is low, the chance of suffering from a cold is greatly increased. What should I do?

The first is to choose a drug that suits them for treatment. Many people think that cold and antibiotics can shorten the course of disease.In fact, most of the colds are caused by the virus, so the use of antibacterial drugs will not shorten the course of the disease, but will cause the symptoms to increase, so you must choose the one that suits you.

Then there are patients with lung cancer. After suffering from a cold, they generally do not need antibacterial drugs and use antiviral drugs with caution, and try to choose Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, because this will not cause toxic and side effects on the body. In addition, it can improve the patient’s own immunity while treating coldsEssence

There are patients with lung cancer when they have a cold, and they must pay attention to drink plenty of water. Only in this way can we improve the symptoms of partial discomfort and accelerate the discharge of harmful substances in the body. In addition, eating more fruits can increase vitamin C, which can improve the body’s immunity.force.

Patients with lung cancer are infected with a cold during the illness. Do not have to panic too much, just treat the cold as a normal person.Drink more hot water to rest and take the medicine according to the doctor’s guidance.

Not only does lung cancer bother many men, but also some women will suffer from lung cancer, and even some female friends of childbearing age torture lung cancer.So, does lung cancer affect future fertility?

There are many causes of lung cancer, and patients with lung cancer should not be pregnant before healed.Pregnancy will affect the patient’s nutrition and physical strength. If the patient still needs to perform intermittently maintenance treatment, the drug is mostly toxic drugs that have toxic effects on the fetus, which will cause malformation, abortion, and premature birth of the fetus.

Some patients with lung cancer discover lung cancer during pregnancy, and they should try to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible.According to the clinical data of lung cancer, pregnancy can promote the recurrence and metastasis of lung cancer, and it also brings many difficulties to treatment and affects the curative effect.If you are near production, you can induce labor or cesarean section, and then treat lung cancer.The specific situation should be discussed with the attending doctors, patients, and family members of the patients.

It is worth noting that patients with lung cancer must cooperate with medical staff by themselves, so as to restore health as soon as possible.

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