What should I do if I get pregnant?These three models prepare for the diet, the better, the better the "pregnancy"

According to reports.At the 2017 National Economic Operation Conference held by the State Council’s News Office on January 18th, the National Bureau of Statistics released data that the birth population of my country was 17.23 million in 2017, with a population birth rate of 12.43 ‰.Earlier data showed that in 2016, my country ’s birth population was 17.86 million.The number of births in 2017 decreased compared to 2016.From the perspective of the child’s secondary structure, the proportion of two children’s birth accounted for further 51%, an increase of 5 percentage points from the previous year; the birth of one child accounted for 42%, a decrease of 5 percentage points.

Since the second child policy is open, many husbands and wives are eager to try to want a second child, but some older couples can not conceive the second child because of considerable physical factors, so

What should I do if I am too old to conceive?What are the secrets of pregnancy?In previous interviews, Chen Xiaoping, director of the Gynecology Department of the Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangdong Province, said in an online interview with family doctors that older women are facing ovarian dysfunction and pregnancy difficulty.Prepare the psychological preparation of pregnancy.At the same time, she also recommended three preparations for maternity diet.

As we all know, the age of 25-30 is the best age of fertility in women, and fertility problems should be solved before the age of 35.However, the chief physician Chen Xiaoping said that the two-child policy is liberalized today. The main time is female 35-45 years old. Most of these elderly women have one child early.In the case, their ovarian dysfunction decreased and the perfection power was reduced.

In addition, the pressure faced by these women is the most. On the one hand, because of a child, with the pressure from the child, you need to take care of all aspects of the child. On the other hand, it will also face work pressure.Some results, two children will affect the promotion of the workplace at this time.In addition, often traveling, habit smoking, love staying up late, old -fashioned, irregular meals, etc. are not good for pregnancy. Pay attention to adjusting lifestyle, not stay up late, eat reasonably, and relax your mindset.

In addition to the above therapy, the body of Chinese medicine can also be used by Chinese medicine and medicated diet.However, due to the bitter taste of Chinese medicine, it is easy to be disgusted for a long time, and it is not easy to persist. If the patient’s problem is not big, the chief physician Chen Xiaoping recommends to use medicated diet to regulate it. It can also have a very good treatment effect while relieved the pain of patients.

1. Peanut red dates lotus seed stewed trotters

It has the effect of nourishing the heart and nourishing the spleen.

Jujube: It can nourish the mind, soothe the nerves, the brain, and the puzzle, which has a good nourishing effect on women.Red dates are rich in iron. If you eat more, you can supplement iron, prevent iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women, and have a positive effect on the growth of the fetus and intellectual development.

Peanuts: Vitamin E content is particularly rich. Vitamin E, also known as "farming phenol", can promote the secretion of sex hormone, increase the concentration of estrogen, increase fertility, and prevent abortion.

Lotus seeds: Chinese medicine believes that lotus seeds nourishing the spleen, nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidney, and solidifying the essence. Patients who have leaked and too much leucorrhea can eat them often.For those who are preparing for pregnancy, you can take appropriate food in your daily diet to nourish the kidneys.

Materials: 2 net trotters, 50g raw peanuts, 20g of dried red dates, 20g of lotus seeds, 1 tablespoon of wine (15ml), 1 teaspoon of rice vinegar (5ml), salt 1 teaspoon (5g)

Stew for 1-2 hours in the pressure cooker.

2. Angelica ginger and mutton soup

Suitable for yang deficiency and consumption, mainly used to replenish the body soup.It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, warm and warmth.

Angelica: sweet and warm, warm, blood, blood circulation, and menstrual pain and pain.Indications Menstruation, dysmenorrhea, blood deficiency or blood stasis, amenorrhea abdominal pain, nourishing blood nourishing liver, treating dizziness, limb weakness, delay of menstruation, and light color light caused by blood deficiency.

Ginger: It has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, and has the effects of conditioning the stomach, dehumidification and blood, and other effects.

Materials: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, right amount of rice wine and seasoning.

Method: Wash and cut the lamb; add angelica, ginger, rice wine and seasoning; stew for 1-2 hours, eat meat and soup.

3. Shantin Yuzhu Smooth Soup

It is suitable for yin deficiency and physical consumption, and has the function of nourishing yin, moisturizing, beauty and beauty.

Sands: "Compendium of Materia Medica" mentioned: "Went, flat, sweet, soft and diet."Yuzhu is sweet and fat, soft and moist.Yuzhu is rich in vitamin A substance and mucus. Vitamin A has the skin condition that improves dry and rough skin, making it soft and lubricating, and thereby playing a role in beauty and skin care.In addition, Yuzhu can also improve ovarian function.

Sand ginseng: clearing heat and nourishing yin, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough.

Materials: 800 grams of lean meat, 60 grams of sand ginseng, 60 grams of jade bamboo, 3 red dates, 1 dates, 2 ginger slices

Method: First, "fly water", then put all the ingredients in the boiled water for about 2 hours. Finally, season with salt according to the individual taste.

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