What should I do if I flatulence during pregnancy?8 tricks teach you to relieve, eat these foods less

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During pregnancy, flatulence itself does not have a direct impact on the fetus, but it will cause pregnant women’s appetite to deteriorate, and then the fetus that obtain nutrition from the mother’s body will cause insufficient nutrition.

For example, in the early pregnancy, fetal fetus requires more protein, and in the middle and late pregnancy, starch foods occupy the forefront. At this time, once flatulence, it will affect the nutrition absorption status.

1) Try to defecate every day and eat more high -fiber food

During the period of pregnant women, the demand for high -fiber foods is even higher.

You can eat more spinach, loofah, lotus root, radish, etc. You can choose apples, bananas, kiwi, etc. in the fruits, which can alleviate the effect of flatulence.

2) Appropriate exercise

Pregnant women may wish to try to take a walk for 30 minutes to about one hour after dinner, which can reduce the bloating and increase the amount of exercise.

Of course, it is necessary to adapt slowly in the early stages of pregnancy. From the beginning of more than ten minutes to more than 20 minutes, and about an hour.

Exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis, help pregnant women digest further, relieve flatulence, and have beneficial benefits for defecation and exhaust.

Kobayashi has something to say: However, too intense exercise, pregnant mothers still don’t try.

3) Eat less meals

Eating habits are also crucial to soothing flatulence, so when pregnant mothers feel flatulence, it will also soothe a lot to change the way of diet.

After flatulence, you cannot continue to eat special supplements, which will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, making the situation more and more intense.

Kobayashi has something to say: Pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy can change three meals a day a day, such as 6 meals.Each meal reduces the amount of dosage and increase the intake of protein. You don’t need to eat too much every meal.

4) Appropriate use of spicy food

Elders also always say that eating ginger, green onions (white), and garlic are good, because they all have the function of promoting gastrointestinal motility and can be eaten in moderation.(The right amount is important!)

5) Drinking perilla

The proportion of the proportion is not limited and has the effect of relief.

6) Abdominal massage

When I feel flatulence, the pregnant mother can rub the hands with both hands. After the warmth, it can massage 10-20 circles around the abdomen for a week.

2-3 times a day, don’t need much energy.

The island has something to say: Avoid the position of the uterus during massage. It is not advisable to massage immediately after meals. You can use mint oil during the period.

7) Supplement sufficient moisture

Drink warm water before breakfast, and take at least 2000cc of water per day.

Water can promote bowel movements. If you do not stool, it will accumulate in the large intestine, and the flatulence will be heavier.Therefore, if the water drinks enough, it will go smoothly.

The island has something to say: Be sure to choose warm water, and cold water can stimulate the gastrointestinal and cause inflammation.In addition, soda, ice water, coffee, etc. are not suitable for drinking.When drinking warm water, you can add honey appropriately to improve gastrointestinal motility.

8) Follow the doctor’s advice

If the above method is used, it does not improve, and the pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital to consult the doctor and open some drugs that treat such situations.

① Cross -cabbage, cauliflower

Anyone who is prone to gas, in addition to the well -known beans, there are also cabbage, broccoli, and broccoli.

But it is not possible to eat. When eating such foods, it is best to cooperate with high -fiber food to improve.

② soda and juice drink

Some people drink fruit juice drinks with fructose, and they should be avoided as much as possible, because the rich ingredients will carbonated and will aggravate flatulence.

③ fried or fat -rich foods

These foods can slow the gastrointestinal digestion, and even if they do not produce gas, they will slow down the bowel movement and cause flatulence.

④ Pregnant women with lactose are not resistant to eat dairy products

For these pregnant women, you can buy lactose -free milk or calcium soy milk instead of dairy products, which will not affect the intake of protein.

If you accidentally eat dairy products, there may be symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain.

⑤ Some starch foods such as noodles, potatoes, etc.

These are all foods rich in fiber, but some people eat flatulence, because these ingredients are usually broken down in the large intestine.

At this time, you can choose wheat bran to eat. It will not decompose, and there are many fibers, which is effective for alleviating flatulence.

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