What should I do if I find pregnancy after breaking up?

Good night

The biggest misfortune in the world is that it is pregnant after breaking up.

Some time ago, I saw a girl posting for help. Sophomore, more than a month of pregnancy, her boyfriend was cold.

His parents were unknown, but the man’s parents said that he didn’t like it.

It is the double ten years of good years, but I know that I simply insist that she wants to have a child, the purpose is to make that man guilty.

Everyone sighed and persuaded.

Various social software is rampant, and sex is no longer a vague.

Sadly, there are few advertisements on the streets with painless flow of people on the street.

Good night

Girl, away from scum men, is a compulsory course for love.

Love is like a obstacle, once deeper, there will be no direction.

There are many girls who have a smooth relationship and smooth sailing.However, most girls have stumbled, and they may not encounter the most suitable one in the end.

However, girls, learn to be responsible for herself.

Rejection is not a bad thing.

There was a friend Lin Lin crying for me in the middle of the night. The boy was a person she liked for a long time, but it was always deserted to her.

Suddenly one day, I sent a good night to Lin Lin from time to time, and care about two sentences from time to time.

Suddenly, Lin Lin felt uneasy.

Gradually boys started to watch movies and eat.

On the night of Lin Lin’s birthday, the boy invited Lin Lin to taste his craftsmanship.The candle was slightly dangling and the atmosphere was ambiguous.

Lin Lin, who had a poor amount of alcohol, drank several cups of enthusiasts by the boys. Lin Lin looked at the boy’s eyes, his cheeks were reddish, and he was a little stunned.

When the boy touched Lin Lin’s hand, Lin Lin instantly stiff, his head was awake, and pushed the boy away.

When Lin Lin got up and left, the boy snorted disdainful,

"What are you pretending, what do you say for a long time?"

Lin Linxin was cut, and the makeup crying on the taxi was spent. The scared driver did not dare to speak all the way. After collecting the money, he went out and went out.

Looking at Lin Lin with red eyes, I sighed,

"You are right, don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like."

Today, many people are more cold and casual.

It sounds brave and domineering when I like it, but refusing is the truly down -to -earth bravery.

Even if the dry firewood is soil, the water is complete, and there is no plan to prepare for the pregnancy, please protect yourself.

In addition to being responsible for yourself, please be responsible for another life.

Good night

Girl, cruel reality, and more love herself.

Reality is thousands of times more cruel than the TV series, and it takes a lifetime of life to raise a life.

In the twenty years, he has not really stepped into the society, and has not been able to really gain a foothold in this world by himself. How can you raise another life?

Even if you can raise it, why do you have to be born because of the feeling of nothingness, because one of the scum men who have not given a promise, let another life be born because of one error.

Raising children is never as easy as TV.

It is the flower -like years, because of a mistake, and before the beauty of this world, the beauty of this world is going to be busy for another life.

Is this life you want?

In order to let a man feel guilty, do you even have a life of his own life?

Don’t you feel distressed to let your child be born in a incomplete environment?

One day, the child is asked about his father, can you withstand the disappointment in his eyes?

Girl, calm down, plan the future carefully.

See if the status quo is your life you want.

Look at the balance of the bank card, can you raise a child?

Look at the white hair in your parents’ ears, can you keep worrying about you for your peace of mind?

In fact, love is at the end, just love yourself.

Love yourself to love others better.

No matter how bumpy the status quo is, please remember that fate always gives us surprise.

The rest of my life is not so long, please be loyal to yourself.

In fact, if you really find pregnancy after breaking up, just be loyal to yourself.

After all, everyone’s life is different, but you can persist if you choose.

Come on, unfamiliar you!

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