What should I do if I encounter bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy?

Generally speaking, a small amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy does not rule out the possibility of threatened abortion. Generally, the main manifestation of the preview is that after pregnancy, the vagina has a small amount of bleeding. According to the different time of bleeding and the time accumulated in the vagina, the color can be bright red, pink, and pink.Or dark brown. Sometimes it is accompanied by slight lower abdominal pain, fetal movement has a feeling of falling, and waist acid and abdominal distension. Therefore, we should go to the hospital for treatment!In order to clarify the cause and the condition of the fetus, but try to minimize unnecessary vaginal examinations to reduce the stimulus to the uterus. If the pregnancy reaction is positive, the binding body mild B -ultrasound test is suitable for preservation, and it should be guaranteed under the guidance of a doctor.Tire treatment; if the amount of vaginal bleeding is more than the menstrual flow, or other diagnoses to find out that the fetus is dead or inevitable, the pregnancy should be terminated as soon as possible to prevent bleeding and infection.

If it is a threatened abortion, you should pay attention:

1. Stay in bed and prohibit sexual life.

2. Avoid duplicate vaginal examinations.

3. Reduce squatting movements to avoid bumps and vibrations.

4. Prevent constipation and diarrhea as much as possible.

5. Do not be frightened and excessive mental stimuli, abstain from anger and sadness, do not have thoughtful concerns.

In addition, there are different causes of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, so you should go to the hospital to check what is caused by bleeding after bleeding.

There are the following treatments for bleeding caused by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and hydatari.

1. Abortion

Patients with early pregnancy bleeding are the most common aura abortions. Some of them have normal embryos in the pregnant mothers. There are embryo tissues in the uterus in the uterus and beating in the uterus.Healing until the monthly delivery, and the fetus develops normally, don’t worry.If the vaginal secretion is brown, it is recommended to rest in bed, and the doctor must know it to give timely assistance.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

When the mothers have passed through the period, it is best to be able to get pregnant, because after confirming that after pregnancy, you can ask your doctor to help you confirm whether the bed is in the uterus or outside the uterus.There are history of uterine pregnancy, abnormal uterine structure, internal uterine contraceptives, or pregnant mothers who have had tubal surgery.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to one thing. Regardless of the blood color, as long as an abnormal bleeding occurs once a day, it is necessary to take a three -day rest for three days to avoid sitting on the abdomen. At the same time, avoid urination and constipation.Increased pressure.

3. Port

Once it is determined to be a hydatari, a miscarriage surgery must be performed and scraping the inner velvet tissue of the uterine, and it is necessary to track whether the HCG index is normal within half a year.

I wish netizens and mothers a good pregnancy!

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