What should I do if I don’t vomit in the early stages of pregnancy, I don’t want to vomit, I don’t want to eat?

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Guide: In the early days of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers must have experienced the torture of pregnancy. With various nausea, nausea, and pregnancy, the appetite of many pregnant mothers will gradually decrease, which will seriously affect the normal normal.Eating.But during pregnancy is the growth period of nutritional needs, and not eating can easily lead to poor nutritional absorption of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers are often burned by this annoying early pregnancy reaction in the early days. Not only the problem of pregnancy vomiting, in fact, many pregnant mothers will have nausea but do not want to vomit.Uncomfortable and don’t want to eat.In the face of loss of appetite, what should pregnant mothers do?Is there any way to help alleviate this situation?

Pregnancy and decreased appetite are a common problem in the early stages of pregnancy. In this regard, pregnant mothers can try to adjust and alleviate through the following methods:

1. Adjust the daily recipe matching

After pregnancy, the appetite has deteriorated a lot. At this time, the first thing to adjust is the daily diet structure arrangement. Maintain more nutrients in the case of decreased intake.Therefore, in the daily diet, more high -quality protein and vitamin food intake should be increased, while maintaining sufficient carbohydrate intake to maintain physical energy consumption.

2. Pay more attention to what you want to eat

If you ca n’t eat things in the early pregnancy, you must pay more attention to your daily preferences in your diet, understand and perceive what you want to eat at the moment, and meet your needs as much as possible.Because it is really difficult to find what you want to eat after the decline in appetite during pregnancy, you must follow the principle of "what you want" and eat as much as possible.

3. Drink lemonade

On the one hand, the decreased appetite is affected by the change of hormone changes, and on the other hand, it has also been affected by the pregnancy reaction, so you can usually add a little lemon slices when you drink water, drink some refreshing, sour lemonade, soIt is also conducive to reducing the nausea caused by pregnancy, soothing and uncomfortable reactions, and opening up.

4. Drink some sweet and sour juice appropriately

Generally speaking, sweet and sour juice also has a certain appetite and promotes appetite, such as apple hawthorn juice, orange juice, etc. These sweet and sour juice pregnant mothers can squeeze and drink.And the fruit juice is also rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, which is conducive to the nutritional absorption of pregnant mothers.

5. Avoid greasy and heavy taste

For pregnant mothers with poor appetite and nausea and flatulence, they need to avoid greasy and heavy foods in daily diet, such as various foods such as fried, barbecue, fat, and meat.The food in the food is high, and it is difficult to digest after eating, which is not conducive to nutritional absorption during pregnancy. The diet during pregnancy is still light and delicious.

6. Improve the value of food and promote appetite

The value of the food will also directly affect the appetite of our daily feeding. A beautiful plate is beautiful, color with bright dishes, which is more appetite than a casual and poor dish.Therefore, you may wish to pay more attention to the problem of food value, make the vegetables look better, and can also open our appetite visually.

7. Eat less meals

After pregnancy, the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption ability of pregnant mothers will decline. In addition, loss of appetite, many times eating too full will increase the problem of decreased pregnancy and appetite.Therefore, you must use the principle of "eating less meals". You can divide three meals a day into five meals a day to six meals. Each time you eat less, you can eat it when you want to eat it.The probability of reducing nausea.

8. Relax your mentality and divert attention

Many pregnant mothers always pay attention to the issue of vomiting or disgusting. Excessive attention will be focused on the counter to pregnancy, which will affect her normal appetite.Therefore, the pregnant mothers usually need to pay more attention to diverting their attention in time. When eating, you must relax your mentality. Do not have too much anxiety about pregnancy.

Important tips: Pregnancy and decreased appetite in early pregnancy are common problems. In this regard, pregnant mothers need to adjust their recipe arrangements in time to pay more attention to their daily dietary needs.You can promote appetite by drinking lemonade, sweet and sour juice, and increase the value of food, avoid eating greasy food, eat less meals, relax your mentality, and transfer attention.

Topic today: When will your appetite start to get better after pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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