What should I do if I can’t eat stomach during pregnancy?is it serious?Finally find a satisfactory explanation

Guide: I have been pregnant for more than 8 months, and my body is okay. I always feel that something is swollen with something.Especially when eating something, the stomach is uncomfortable. I do n’t want to eat anything. I support it as soon as I eat. I do n’t want to move.What happened to the stomach bloating in the third trimester?Normal phenomenon?

The stomach space is small, so there will always be a feeling of bloating. Many pregnant women will have this situation. Don’t worry too much. Pay attention to prenatal inspection and rest on a regular basis. After production, it will gradually improve.

What happened to the stomach bloating in the third trimester?Normal phenomenon?

Normally, pregnant women usually occur in stomach pain and flatulence in 3 to 6 months. This situation belongs to normal pregnancy reactions during pregnancy.Because after pregnancy, due to the occurrence of progesterone, the uterus increases after pregnancy.Causes stomach acid for too long.Corruption and fermentation under the action of bacteria, a large amount of gases will occur at this time, causing pregnant women to have a sense of fullness.

Especially in the late pregnancy, stomach bloating is relatively normal. Due to the increase in the abdomen, the fetus is already large, and the stomach is very small, so that the baby will be on the stomach of the pregnant mother, and the gastrointestinal functional movement will also be peristals.Limited, it is easy to cause bloating, which may compress other organs in the abdominal cavity, causing symptoms of various discomfort.

In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women feel that the bloating is considered and the baby grows up. Almost every pregnant woman will be available. Sometimes the symptoms are more obvious in the third trimester.Don’t worry.To achieve less meals, light diet, avoid cold and irritating foods, eat less foods such as beans and other easy -to -rising foods; eat slowly and swallow, not easy to be full, maintain good emotions, relax the spirit, and exercise in moderation.If you find the symptoms of gastric return flow, you can try to raise the upper body for about 20 °.Exercise more and promote gastrointestinal motility.If the pain is severe, it is recommended to get a check from the hospital. Please ask the doctor to help you look at the situation of the stomach and deal with it under the guidance of the doctor.

Reminder: The occurrence of bloating in the late pregnancy is because the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, which will squeeze the stomach upwards, the stomach is uncomfortable, and even the chest tightness. This is physiological.Great.It is recommended that pregnant mothers usually rest more, eat less meals, eat less sweet, too spicy, high -fat foods, should not lie flat on the bed after meals, and do not lie too low. Try to reduce the stomach to redeem the stomach.EssenceKeep your mood comfortable and check the hospital regularly.

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