What should I do if I am pregnant?Pregnancy spots, also known as melasma, how much do you know

Pregnancy spots are "fetal spots", also called melasma, butterfly spots or pigmentation.After 4 months of pregnancy, some women will appear yellow -brown spots on their faces. They are distributed in the bridge of the nose and cheeks. They can also be seen in the forehead and are butterfly. They are called pregnancy spots during pregnancy.

Long spots during pregnancy!It’s all caused by hormones.

During pregnancy, the skin becomes black, mainly due to the impact of hormone changes in the body.The changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy have promoted melanin cell activity to enhance, so it is very easy to cause melanin precipitation.

At the same time, during pregnancy, because of the changes in melanin, the moles on the body will become more and the color is relatively darker. Even if there is no mole part before pregnancy, there may be a new mole.

When will the melanin precipitation disappear during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, after pregnancy, hormones will gradually recover, and these melanin precipitation will gradually fade away.In most cases, 3 to 6 months after giving birth, melanin will gradually be metabolized by the body.However, the chloasma that makes pregnant women the most troublesome will gradually fade back within one year after production, but there are also a few people who will stay permanently.

Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to their own diet and schedule, pay attention to sun protection, and maintain a happy mood.If you don’t pay attention to sun protection at this time, those melasma will be fixed and become real melasma.

How to prevent pigmentation and postpartum pigmentation?

Too much sunlight will worsen the condition of melanin precipitation, so sunscreen is the best way to prevent melanin precipitation problems.Usually, we must do a good job of sunscreen, wipe sunscreen, sunscreen, wearing long sleeves, hats, gloves, masks, and umbrellas.Avoid using maintenance products, ointment or oral medication containing A acid ingredients, so as not to cause fetal terators.As long as the sunscreen coefficient SPF30 is above the sunscreen coefficient, there is a good sunscreen effect.

Avoid tiredness, stay up late, and maintain adequate sleep to help metabolism.Perform moderate exercise to release pressure, maintain a pleasant mood, and the blood circulation can reach the skin, prompt the skin dermis layer to update, and naturally reduce melanin precipitation.WeChat hufu72

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