What should I do if I am pregnant?How to deal with the back pain of pregnant women, do you know?

1 waist and back soreness

(1) Reason: Due to the increased uterus forward in the late pregnancy, the body’s center of gravity moves back, and the lumbar spine is protruding forward, causing the back extensor muscle to be in a state of continuous tension, and often slight back pain.

(2) Diagnosis

1) Mild waist and back soreness occurs in the middle and late pregnancy.

2) History of symptoms of bladder irritation, fever, and backworm on the back of the waist.

3) There are no obvious abnormalities in the back of the waist, touch, and percussion.

4) There are no abnormalities in blood and urine routines, and the kidney B ultrasound is no abnormal.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, after obtaining the consent of pregnant women and family members, the lumbar spine X -ray, CT or nuclear magnetic resonance examination can be used to eliminate lumbar and intervertebral disc.

(3) Treatment

1) Those who do not affect life without back pain, appropriately reduce work, and rest in bed if necessary.

2) When lower back pain affects life and sleep, a small amount of painkillers can be used.

1 ibuprofen (Fenbid) 100mg × 10 tablets, orally, 1 tablet at a time, if necessary.

2 Help him forest, Q6H, and the affected area is coated locally.

2 lower limbs and vulvar vein songs

(1) Reason: Due to increased pelvic blood vessels in the middle and late pregnancy, the tension of the vascular smooth muscle is reduced, and the uterine compression of the iliac vein increases the lower limb and pelvic vein pressure increase, the blood flow of the lower limbs is blocked, and the lower limbs, pelvic cavity, vulva, and vaginal vein.There are also those who occur in early pregnancy, which are more common in family history, often caused by weak congenital venous walls and congenital venous valve defects.

(2) Diagnosis: Varic veins in the lower limbs and vulva during pregnancy, and the varicose veins are generally non -sour and painful discomfort.Pregnant women often consciously consciously have severe lower limbs, sense of rise, vaginal swelling and discomfort, and the above -mentioned symptoms are worsened daily.

(3) Treatment

1) Stay in bed to avoid standing for a long time. When sleeping at night, the affected limb is raised to reduce the pressure of the varicose vein.

2) Use elastic bandage or wearing elastic pantyhose.

3) The perineal should be protected during childbirth, and the appropriate incision should be selected to prevent the varicose veins from bleeding. If necessary, you can choose a cesarean section to terminate the pregnancy.

4) Do not advocate the implementation of large hidden vein ligation or partial division during pregnancy.

5) When combined with local skin eczema or ulcers, local drug treatment can be treated or asked for dermatology and general surgery synergy.

3 lower limb edema

(1) Reason: Due to increasing uterine compression of the lower cavity vein due to increasing uterine, the lower limb veins and lymphatic flow are blocked. The mild edema of the lower half of the calf and the ankle appears. After rest, it can generally subscribe naturally, which is normal.If the edema is heavier and there is no relief after rest, the cause of edema should be found.

(2) Diagnosis

1) Mild edema+~ ++ appears in the third trimester of pregnancy, and it can be completely or partial after rest.

2) Conscious symptoms such as headache, dizziness, dazzling, palpitations and other conscious symptoms.

3) The signs of life are stable, the cardiopulmonary detection has no obvious positive signs, and there is no pain in the kidney area.

4) Blood and urine routine have no median anemia, positive urine protein, etc. The electrocardiogram does not indicate that there is heart failure, and the renal function is normal.

5) It is necessary to exclude hypertension during pregnancy, and the pathological pregnancy such as chronic nephritis and heart failure should be combined with chronic nephritis and heart failure.

(3) Treatment

1) Those with mild edema should pay attention to rest, lying on the left side, raising the affected limb by 15 °.

2) Inpatient treatment should be hospitalized during the above treatment without relief or merging pathological pregnancy.

4 constipation and hemorrhoids

(1) The reason

1) During pregnancy, due to the impact of large amounts of sex hormones, intestinal peristalsis and intestinal tension weaken.

2) Pregnant women’s activities are reduced, diet is done, and crude fiber is lacking.

3) The enlarged uterus and fetal exposure to compress the rectum.

4) Due to increased pressure on uterus in pregnancy and increased abdominal pressure, the hemorrhoidal vein is blocked and the pressure increases, resulting in the hemorrhoidal veins.

(2) Treatment

1) Develop the habit of defecation daily during pregnancy.

2) Drink a cup of white water in the early morning, drink a cup of honey water before going to bed, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose, and eat less spicy food.

3) If necessary, you can take the fruit guide, one piece daily, take it before going to bed. If you have a stool but do it, you can use Kaisu anal treatment.When constipation combines hemorrhoids, in order to prevent infection, analgesic can be locally used to use Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids or potassium permanganate.

4) Disable magnesium sulfate and diarrhea leaves and prohibit enema, so as not to cause abortion or premature birth.

5) When the internal hemorrhoids are removed, you can use your hand to return the hemorrhoids quickly.

5 Holding blood pressure syndrome of supine position

(1) Reason: When pregnant women lie on their back for a long time, due to the increased uterine compression of the lower cavity vein and abdominal aorta, at the same time compress the diaphragm, cause the vagus nerve excitement, reduce the amount of blood and heart excretion, and the low blood pressure occurs., Called the hypotonic hypotension syndrome.

(2) Treatment: After excluding hypoglycemia shocks and anemia above severe, change the left side position to relieve.

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