What should I do if I am in pregnancy / breastfeeding?will it affect the baby?Can you breastfeed?What kind of medicine to take?

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In the messages of these days, we have received many questions about what pregnant women are infected. For example, will pregnant women infection affect the fetus?Does it affect production?How to use medicine?What about breastfeeding?How should my mother use medicine?Can I continue breast milk?… …

Don’t worry. For the above questions, we interviewed Dr. Liu Dandan, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Changping District Hospital in Beijing, and made a centralized answer on the confusion of everyone.

If you are in pregnancy or breastfeeding, I hope this content can alleviate your anxiety; if you have family and friends in this period, I hope you can forward and share it with them, let your family and friends know it., Righteous and correctly.

Liu Dandan

Chief Physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Changping District Hospital of Beijing

Registered nutritionist at the Director of Clinical Nutrition

General Physician Reproductive Health Counselor Capital Medical University lecturer


What should I do if my infection is infected during pregnancy?


What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new crowns?


The pregnant woman may be more nervous after finding the new crown -positive. I want to remind everyone here:

At present, a large amount of clinical data shows that the symptoms and severity of pregnant women infected with the symptoms and severity of the general population are basically similar. Several occurrences are rarely occurred. Generally, it improves in 3 or 4 days, and recovers in about 5-7 days.

Maternal mothers with basic diseases and chronic diseases may increase their symptoms after infection.Because pregnant women are special groups, they must not only ensure the safety of mothers, but also the problem of fetal safety, so pay special attention.

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Will pregnant women affect the fetus after infection?


At present, a large number of clinical data shows that the vertical spread of maternal tires is very low, and there are only cases reporting.

Special reminders that after pregnant women infection, any abnormal situation occurs, including not limited to the following performances, they must seek medical treatment in time.

① Continuously high fever; ② There is a manifestation of pneumonia and hypoxia; ③ The fetal heart rate continues to increase.


Can infection during the birthplace, can I still give birth?


Regardless of whether there is a new crown or not, the choice of childbirth methods is determined by obstetric indicators, and the doctor conducts a comprehensive assessment.

Simple new crown positive is not a taboo natural childbirth. As long as you can tolerate the entire vaginal delivery process, you can still choose natural delivery.


During pregnancy, how to use medicine?


If the pregnant woman is yang, there is no fever and other discomfort symptoms, they can be tightly monitored at home without drug treatment.In fact, not anxiety and guarantee rest are also a treatment.

In addition, in the early stages of the onset of symptoms, targeted drugs, such as high fever and cough during pregnancy, you can take antipyretic drugs and cough drugs. Pay attention to the weeks of pregnancy and selection of right medicines.

In the choice of medication, try to choose unilateral preparations, do not use compound preparations containing other cough, expectorant, and anti -allergy.for example:

Acetaminophenophenol is preferred, and can be available in the middle and advanced stages of pregnancy (required for a doctor);

Antipe cough and phlegm drugs can be selected for the right Meishafen and Aurbium, and the safety of taking it in the late pregnancy is better.(Disable in early pregnancy)

Reminder: If you encounter any medication problems before pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation, you should consult a professional doctor or pharmacist.Do not listen to the biased prescriptions and the secret recipe and abuse drugs.

If you still cannot completely subscribe after using an antipyretic medicine, come to the hospital in time.

If chest tightness, headache, abnormal blood pressure, or abnormal fetal movement, vaginal bleeding, etc., you need to come to the hospital for examination in time.


Will the baby be infected after birth?


At present, a large number of clinical data shows that there is no evidence that the new coronal virus infection will cause abortion or the baby’s development of abnormal development during pregnancy.And no exact evidence of the spread of the new crown virus mother and baby spread.

Newborns after birth may have new coronal virus infections, but there are basically no new crown symptoms or symptoms, and the risk of death is extremely low.


What should I do if my breastfeeding is infected with the new crown?


Can I breastfeed after breastfeeding?Will it be transmitted to the baby?


New coronal virus will not spread through milk secretion.

If the maternal is mild and asymptomatic, I hope breastfeeding can wear N95 masks and disinfect it by hand.

If the mother has fever, severe cough, etc., it can suck out milk, feed with disinfected milk, or use artificial feeding instead.

Special attention: Whether it is feeding or using milk, the mother’s mouth and nose should avoid being too close to the child’s mouth and nose.

In addition, after the maternal childbirth of the infected period, it is possible that the maternal and infant rooms are possible, but it is not recommended to closely contact it for a long time outside of breastfeeding. It is generally recommended to maintain a interval of more than 2 meters.

Physical barriers, such as curtains or screens, furniture, etc. to minimize the transmission of viruses as much as possible.

The mother should wear a mask and strictly abide by hand hygiene.There is also one point. It is not recommended to wear masks for newborns or use plastic face screens such as plastic screens.


How to use medicine when breastfeeding?


The National Medical Quality Control Center and the Beijing Pharmaceutical Quality Control Center compiled a commonly used family non -prescription drug (OTC) medication list for pregnant women and lactating mothers to share with you:

Some of the proprietary Chinese medicines have less clinical experience during pregnancy, and the safety is not clear. It is recommended to read the instructions carefully before using the medicine and consult the doctors and pharmacists.


Can I vaccine during breastfeeding?Can I continue to breastfeed after playing?


New coronary vaccines have been popularized in my country, and women with breastfeeding are vaccinated.

After the new crown vaccine is vaccinated, it can be breastfeed normally, which has no effect on the baby, so don’t worry too much.

Well, I hope the above answers will make you less anxious.Whether during pregnancy or breastfeeding, mothers must take care of themselves while taking care of their children.The body is uncomfortable, seek medical treatment in time, don’t resist hard.

When involving medication problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist to take it under guidance.Families who are not convenient for offline medical treatment can try online consultation.In our own education academy app, all the obstetrics and gynecologists and pharmacists are available.Hope to help everyone.

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