What should I do if I "find" a pregnant woman in winter?Come and take a look

In winter, the immunity of the skin is worse, and it is easier to get eczema, especially the expectant mothers. The immunity of expectant mothers is generally lower than that of normal people, so it is better to do skin care.

What is eczema?

Eczema is a more common skin disease. There are many causes of onset. After pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone will increase. The basic body temperature of pregnant mothers will rise, the body is easy to dry, the immune system is also suppressed, and the skin sensitivity increases.In the stimulus of external factors (such as fish, shrimp, pollen, dust, wax, animal fur, cosmetics, synthetic fiber, etc.), it interacts with an allergic reaction.

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1. Pregnant women with allergies

Pregnant women with allergies are more likely to cause skin diseases such as eczema during pregnancy.Therefore, expectant mothers with allergies must pay attention to prevent eczema.

2. Pregnant women with chronic infected lesions

Specific mothers who have some chronic diseases are more likely to have eczema.

3. Pregnant women with varicose veins

During pregnancy, due to uterine compression, some expectant mothers will have shallow varicose veins in the vulva, vaginal mucosa, anus, rectum, and lower limbs, and blood stasis, forming varicose veins, which is closely related to the incidence of eczema in the vulva.

4. Pregnant women with mental stress

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will be affected by some neurological factors. For example, many pregnant women will feel nervous during pregnancy, and these mental factors are more likely to have eczema.

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What if pregnant women have eczema?

Keep your skin clean and cool, avoid scratching

The skin should be kept clean, refreshing, nourish, pay attention to sun protection, and do not scratch or rub the skin lesions.

keep clean

Maintain good living habits.Replace laundry or daily necessities to avoid the breeding of bacteria.Wearing loose and comfortable, mostly cotton is not the main, to avoid fibrous staining, and ensure that the affected area is breathable.Can not wear sweaters in winter to avoid static electricity.In summer, pregnant women are afraid of heat and can wear silk dress.Pregnant women cannot wear tight clothes, affecting the evaporation of sweat.

Choose skin moisturizing skin care products

If the skin temperature is too high and sweating, it will increase eczema and affect healing. Local moisturizing skin care products can promote recovery. However, it is recommended to choose frost or emulsion designed for pregnant women or infants.When choosing a shower gel and clothes cleaning agent, you should choose a mild and low -sensitive variety.

Pay attention to diet

If expectant mothers have eczema, do not eat foods, shrimp, crabs, etc. that may cause allergies for the time being.But eat more foods rich in vegetable oil. Because unsaturated fatty acids reach the baby through milk, it can prevent the brittleness and permeability of capillary from increased the pathological basis of infant eczema.Babies who eat milk should also be restricted appropriately, especially seafood, such as fish and shrimp, crab, etc.; If you suspect milk allergies, you can cook fresh milk for some time.

Take medicine with caution

Another thing to remind expectant mothers that if you have eczema, you must use drugs and disabled drugs.If there is no exudation in the acute stage, you can use a cooker glyphosate.If there is an exudation, you can use boric acid solution to wet.When the exudation is reduced to the subacute period, a little ointment such as glucocorticoids can be used.When the acute period is severe itching, it is recommended to add calcium and vitamin C to relieve the symptoms.It is best to ask the doctor before using it.

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