What should I do if children have a cold?These 10 medicines are good!Suggestion collection

The most afraid of changing the season is the child’s cold. Once the child has a cold, he will have a cold for a long time, and sometimes it will be repeated.The longer the cold time, the more a date affects the child’s learning and physical body.Sometimes a cold can cause pneumonia. After a cold, the child must take medicine for the child immediately, and pay more attention to rest. Many of the drugs in the baby’s cold medicine brand are Chinese medicine, because the side effects are small.

1. Children’s stains are tilted with heat particles

Composition: licorice, Bupleurum, Pinellia, Scutellaria baicalensis, Hou Pu, betel nut, red peony, Artemisia annua, rhubarb, gardenia, nepeta, mint, light pulp, forsythia.

Applicable people: suitable for children with cold and cold, suitable for babies for more than 6 months.

Efficacy: Solving the wind, clearing heat, clearing the heat, stagnation, and treating children with symptoms such as colds, cough, throat and other symptoms due to the wind heat of the wind, the indigestion of the wind, the indigestion of the wind, the indigestion.

2. Antelope horn granules

Composition: Antelope horns and other additives.

Applicable people: Applicable to high fever, talk nonsense.

Efficacy: clearing heat, detoxifying, flat liver, and wind wind, suitable for children’s high fever after a cold, the specific dose is consumed according to the doctor’s order.

3. Pediatrichine pyrine yellow Namin granules

Composition: artificial beef yellow, chloropenoma, acetaminol and other additives.

Applicable people: It is suitable for children’s normal colds and popular colds. When children caught a cold in a class in school, they are infectious colds. Children usually have cold colds due to cold or wind due to cold or wind.

Efficacy: relieve the symptoms of headaches, runny nose, and sore throat caused by cold symptoms of colds and relieve children.

4. Children’s cold granules

Composition: Gypsum, mint, Baiwei, ground bone skin, ground yellow, slab blue root, large green leaves, forsythia, chrysanthemum, patchouli and other additives.

Applicable people: Applicable to children with cold and cold. Children over 1 year old can be used by instructions. Babies are best to take medicine according to doctors.

Efficacy: Solving the table sparse wind, clearing heat, detoxifying, suitable for headaches caused by cold and cold, throat swelling, cough, and thick sputum.

5. An’ernin granules

Composition: sandalwood, rabbit ear grass, spicy root vegetables, licorice, cabbage, artificial beef yellow, safflower, Tianzhu yellow and other additives.

Applicable people: It is suitable for children with wind and cold and cold, respiratory tract infection.

Efficacy: Exposure to clear heat, relieve cough and phlegm, treat children with cold throat and swelling, with sputum.

6. Pediatric cough asthma granules

Composition: licorice, honeysuckle, melon, bitter almonds, gypsum, ephedra and other additives.

Applicable people: Suitable for children’s cough caused by respiratory tract infection.

Efficacy: clear heat, cough and asthma, proclaim the lungs, and treat the cough caused by the upper respiratory tract infection caused by the child’s cold.

7. Pediatric Chai Gui Anti -heating Granules

Composition: cicada, white peony, scutellaria baicalensis, duckweed, Pueraria, Guizhi, Bupleurum.

Applicable crowd: Use the fever caused by a cold with children with external diseases.

Efficacy: Solving the tables clearing heat, refusing heat sweating, symptoms often fever, jealous, constipation.Suitable for children under 14 years old

8. Pediatric Baotangkang Granules

Composition: licorice, labozi, bellflower, Yunnan purple grass, southern board Lantan, dandelion, Zhejiang Fritillaria, mulberry leaves, Xuan ginseng, Bupleurum, ground yellow, and forsythia.

Applicable people: Applicable to children after a cold and cold.

Efficacy: clearing heat, solving the table, reducing phlegm, relieving cough, treating children with a cold, cough, runny nose, and fever.

9. Children to Bao Wan

Composition: cinnabar, talcs, majestic yellow, beef, whole scorpion, cicada molten, stiff silkworm, hook vines, gastrodia, borneus, amber, fried malt, six divine songs, Poria, fried hawn, betel nut, Sichuan fingerl, mustard, gallbladder, white, white, whiteAffiliated, Chenpi, Qianghuo, Mint, Puhael Fragrance, Perilla Leaf.

Applicable people: suitable for children’s cold and cold.

Efficacy: solve the table, scattered cold, stop diarrhea, and stomach, symptoms are not thinking about diet, runny nose, cough, diarrhea.

10. For acetaminol particles

Composition: The main ingredient for acetylphenol.

Applicable people: suitable for children’s fever caused by colds.

Efficacy: It can alleviate the symptoms of children after a cold. It can be used with headache, joint pain, and toothache.

Conclusion: Through the introduction above, I believe that everyone has learned about the top ten of children’s cold medicines. These are the top ten medicines for baby cold medicine brands. I hope everyone can use drugs to treat diseases correctly.

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