What should I do if a pregnant woman has a cold?Take a look at the disabled and available cold medicine for pregnant women, please tell each other!

Winter is a cold season. Because of the cold weather, people stay in the doors and windows for the doors of the doors and windows most of the time, and the cold virus is easier to spread.If the resistance decreases, it will be easier to recruit.

Colds are the source of all diseases. Many chronic diseases such as tonsillitis, allergic dermatitis, nephritis, hepatitis, gastritis, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder swelling and pain, etc. are all sequelae of colds.

In addition, cerebral diseases, infectious hepatitis, viral myocarditis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, acute nephritis, acute bacterial sinusitis, early leukemia, measles, pediatric spinal ashPopular cold, allergic rhinitis and other diseases are very similar to the symptoms of colds.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to colds.

How to choose a medicine for a cold?

At present, there is no special effect of a cold, mainly for symptomatic drugs. The commonly used is:

Reduced blood: For example, pseudo ephedrine helps to relieve symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing caused by colds.

Antimamines: For example, poker sensitivity can help eliminate or reduce sneezing and runny nose of general cold patients.

Anthuta: For example, right Mishafin, people will not have dependence after eating, and the cough effect is good.

Expure drugs: such as amproxol, broma, acetylcysteine, etc., can expect expectations.

Anti -heat -relieving analgesic drugs: For example, acetaminol, ibuprofen, etc. are mainly targeted at the fever, sore throat and soreness of general cold patients.

Most of the cold medicines on the market are compound preparations, which contain two or more components of the above -mentioned drugs or other drugs. You can choose the corresponding compound preparation according to the symptoms when purchasing.Avoid taking Chinese medicines at the same time.

How do pregnant women choose cold medicine?

Pregnant women’s high fever can cause risks such as teratogenic, abortion, fetal central nervous nervous system, and congenital cardiovascular disease.But the medicine is poisonous, the side effects of the medicine will hurt the fetus, so how should pregnant women choose a cold medicine?

Cold medicine disabled by pregnant women

Cold medicine that pregnant women can choose

(Content source "Medicine Evaluation Center" WeChat public account)

(Reminder: pregnant women should not buy medicines without authorization. You must consult a doctor if you have a cold and illness.

How can a cold get better?


Symptoms disappear

After a cold, it is best to wait for the symptoms to disappear and then recover, so as not to relapse due to the failure of the lesion.It is best to rest in bed when you have a cold to increase your child’s sleep time as much as possible.


Eat less

Choose a digestible food to eat less meals, drink more fruit juice, and supplement vitamin C and vitamin E. Generally, you can gradually return to your usual diet in about 1 week.


Avoid blowing directly

When a cold, the room’s air should be circulated, but it should be avoided by blowing directly, causing blood vessels to shrink and aggravate the condition.


Effectively sweat, but do not cover sweat

Drinking water can increase the metabolism of the body’s cells, promote the discharge of toxins in the body, and at the same time can effectively sweat, which is conducive to reducing body temperature.

For hot children, you must not wear more clothes and overwrite thick bedding, otherwise it will easily lead to high fever and even induce high fever.The clothes should be replaced in time after sweating, so as not to get cold and aggravate the condition.


Physical cooling

Heating should be preferred to physical cooling, such as local heat dissipation (cold and wet compress or head of the head), warm bath, warm bath, cold saline enema, etc. Among them, the local heat dissipation and cooling method is the easiest and easy to use, and it is suitable for families.

It is best to put on the neck, underarms and groin parts when placing ice packs. These parts have relatively large blood vessels, and the cooling effect is better.

How to prevent colds?


Avoid contact with the source of infection

Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from a cold, because the virus in the nasal cavity will fly to more than 1 meter when sneezing.Washing your hands frequently, don’t stay in the space where people are closed for too long.


Exercise, sufficient sleep

Aerobic exercise is performed every day to enhance resistance. In addition, poor sleep leads to low immunity and easy to catch a cold.


Hot water soak feet

Use hot water to soak feet before going to bed to prevent respiratory diseases, which can also accelerate blood vessels and blood flow, improve the skin and tissue nutrition of the foot, and relieve the fatigue of the day.


Appropriate food supplement

Five bean porridge

Use Xiaomi to be equipped with five kinds of beans: red, yellow, black, green, and broad bean, drink porridge to drink, and can reconcile the five internal organs and gastrointestinals to improve the body’s immunity.

Carrot red jujube soup

Soak the red dates with warm water for a period of time, add an appropriate amount of water to cook the carrots and red dates with low heat, and season with rock sugar.Carrots are rich in carotene, which can help the human body resist foreign pathogenic factors and play a role in preventing diseases.


Rubbing Yingxiang

Use your index finger to press about 20-30 times on the wings on both sides of the nose, or gently massage the tip of the nose and nose with the palm of the palms of friction, or wash your nose with cold water every day.

About half of the colds are caused by the nasal virus, so nasal massage can effectively prevent colds.


Fill in Dazhui during the bath

Dazhui is located under the seventh cervical spine burst, that is, a bulging bone touched by the neck when he bowed his head.When you feel about a cold or have a cold, you can repeatedly wash the Dazhui acupoint with hot water when taking a bath, or rub it with food, medium, and ring fingers to effectively prevent colds.

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