What should I do if a cat picky eaters?Do this well to let it eat obediently

Wang Dano’s Cat -No. 24

Text/Wang Dano


Almost all shit officers want to feed the cat’s fat

Although I know that the cat is too fat, it’s not good for the body

But the fat cat is really


In terms of eating, most shit officials dare not take it lightly

Try to choose cats with good reputation and cat -containing cat food

Chicken breasts and small fish dried fancy canned foods have never been broken

But things go wrong

Not only do you not eat fat, but also picky eaters!

Don’t eat without giving cans and snacks

(After all, those snacks have added "MSG")

Even if the shit officer takes the initiative to cook for a big meal

They don’t eat

This can make the shit officers feel bad

How to prevent cats from picky food

What should I do if the cat is picky?

Today your baby king Okano

Tell you the reason and solution

1. Sudden appetite caused by physical diseases (pay attention to the cat’s gastrointestinal problems, and whether the cat’s internal driver is in place)

2. Don’t like the smell and taste of a cat food (the palatability of cat food is poor, but you must also be cautious when changing food. Add too much "MSG" food.

3. The food is not fresh enough.

4. The feeding environment and shit officers have changed, and the master is not adapted (maybe because of missing the original nest and shit)

5. It is used to be broken by shit officers (the main reason for most cat picking eaters)

Lazy officer likes to feed once a day and feeds a pot at a time.For cats with picky eaters, it is easy to develop a picky pose for cats that are not picky.

Timed and quantitative feeding methods allow cats to get used to eating at a fixed time every day, and eat food once at a time, which can also avoid the food breaks and breed bacteria.

For cats with very serious picking, shit officers can take care of the cats for a long time or a day for a long time. When feeding, a small amount is multiple times. Pay attention to the balance of nutrition.

For cats with lower desire to eat, it is very important to establish a "eating" and "happy" connection.In the process of changing food or corrected picky eaters, after the cat is obedient to eat the designated food, give toys or like snacks as a reward, so that the cat will think of eating and happy, and then increase the willingness to eat.

1. If the cat usually eats normally and suddenly appetite, the ten or nine is sick.If there is no other major symptom reaction, there is a problem with the stomach and intestines, and the pei should be reserved at home.

In addition, check whether the mouth of the mouth regularly, whether there is odor or inflammation, which will affect cats to eat.

Regular internal and external deworming cannot be sloppy. Parasites will seriously affect the cat’s appetite and state: dark hair color, severe hair loss, and poor bowel movements.

In the hair changing season, you should also feed cats to make meal cream, plant some cat grass at home (but most cats do not like to eat). If there are too many hairy balls in the stomach, it will also affect appetite.

2. Cats of cats caused by shit officers.Shit officers must remember not to cater to cats too much. Many shit officers are too anxious. As long as cats are picky, they will prepare a variety of miscellaneous snacks.The master is happy, and he will think that as long as I "hunger strike", it will be delicious.For a long time, don’t eat without giving snacks.

3. Frequent replacement of new cat food will also make cats picky.They may know that as long as I don’t eat, there will be new food.In fact, cats who have eaten one or two cats are the least picky.

4, change the food step by step, avoid causing picky eaters.Suddenly changed to a completely different food, and it may not eat too much for cats.It is recommended that you start with a small amount, increase the proportion of food step by step, and let cats gradually adapt to new food.

Don’t be afraid of trouble, after all, it’s a cat that is used to it ~

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