What should I do?Will it affect the fetus?Can you continue to breastfeed?

Faced with the new situation of epidemic prevention, each of us is the first responsible person of our own health.As a special group of mothers, pregnant women should also do health protection.

How do pregnant women prevent new crowns?How to deal with the new crown?Can breastfeeding infection continue breastfeeding?… In response to hot issues that everyone is generally concerned, Pan Yongmiao, deputy dean of the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital and chief physician of obstetrics, will give you the following professional suggestions ~

A: Maternal women need to pay attention to protecting, so as to achieve the following key points:

Protection before pregnancy:

It is recommended to plan for women to complete the new crown vaccine before pregnancy.

Protection during pregnancy: Try not to go out as much as possible. When going out, pay attention to standardizing wearing masks, to go to the place where people gather to avoid participating in the removal mask; not to go to the hospital, especially the popular rockets; pay attention to ventilation during the home period;Make sure to sleep, drink plenty of water, wash your hands frequently, pay attention to hand hygiene; appropriately increase protein -rich foods and fresh vegetables and fruits; properly exercise during your own situation, maintain reasonable weight growth during pregnancy, and over -increased weight is not a manifestation of increasing immunity;The hospital is recommended to wear the N95 mask; relaxes ideas and attaches great importance to action.

A: The current research believes that the infection rate of new crown virus in pregnant women is similar to that of ordinary people.High -risk factor.Therefore, such patients need to strengthen self -protection.

A: The pathogenic and toxic power of Omikon’s mutant strain has been significantly weakened, and pregnant women should not have much concern.

Once pregnant women are infected with new crowns, uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, pain, cough, and whole body muscle soreness usually last for 3-7 days.

Asymptomatic and milder can be isolated at home. You only need to deal with symptomatic treatment, drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, and take physical cooling.

When the following 4 cases occur, please be vigilant: the cooling effect is not obvious, and the body temperature rises to 38.5c or above. If the symptoms are not relieved, you need to go to the hospital in time.Pregnant women with basic diseases such as immune system diseases need strict monitoring once infected; when respiratory difficulties, chest pain, high fever non -dizziness, blurred consciousness or the increase of the original basic symptoms, they need to seek medical treatment in time;Filial movement is abnormal, water -breaking, etc. also need to seek medical treatment in time.

A: A large number of studies have shown that the chances of fetal infection in the palace are very small, so pregnant mothers do not need to be too anxious or need to terminate pregnancy because of infection.

A: The current research believes that the detection rate of the new crown virus infection with the new crown pregnant women’s vaginal swab is very low. There is no evidence that the cesarean section is better than natural delivery in preventing fetal infections in preventing the fetus from vertical transmission.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should relax, as long as they do well, without other cesarean section indications, it is safe for pregnant women infected with new crown virus infection.

A: If the maternal is infected with a new crown, you can choose to live with the newborn, but it is recommended to keep a distance of more than 2 meters.

Mom should wear a mask and strictly abide by hand hygiene.You can use a physical barrier, such as using fabrics between mothers and babies to minimize the spread of the virus.

A: The new crown during breastfeeding can still be breastfeed, but in the process of breastfeeding, be sure to wear a mask and strictly do hand -to -hand hygiene to avoid talking and cough during breastfeeding.

If the mother cannot feed himself, it can also suck breast milk out of the other person (unintentional) to feed on the premise of strictly observing cleanliness.It is recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before contacting newborns, breast pumps, and milk utensils.After using the utensils, they need to be cleaned in time to standardize disinfection.

A: When the newborn was born, there is an antibody obtained from the mother’s body, which is equivalent to a natural protection barrier.Judging from the current research data, even if the newborn is infected, the chance of severe illness is also low. If you do not have congenital basic diseases, you can usually recover soon.Therefore, maternal women and family members need not worry too much.

A: Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (Hangzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital), as an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, should show a 48 -hour kernel acid negative report in accordance with the existing national related epidemic prevention policy.Of course, all patients with critical condition come to the hospital for treatment. Regardless of whether there are nucleic acid testing reports and positive, the hospital will do everything in the first place.

A: Of course, if you are a new -crown -positive pregnant woman, you can go to the emergency buffer or cause a hot clinic first. After the consultation, the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital has set up a layer of isolation ward to collect the new crown -positive pregnant women, which can meet the pregnant woman’s clinic.Demand for delivery.

Facing the epidemic, let’s not panic, I believe the hospital will escort your health.

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