What radiation should be paid to during pregnancy?This article gives you the answer

One night before the last year, my wife suddenly called me and said: Husband, I am pregnant.After hearing this news, it was really excited at the time.If it wasn’t for a business trip in the field, I would like to hold my wife up and make a few times.

But my wife’s next words suddenly splashed me a pot of cold water.

My wife said: We can’t ask for this child, because a month ago, the company organized a medical examination and took a chest film. I heard people say that shooting X -sheet has a lot of radiation. I am afraid that there will be any adverse effects on the child.

Later, after many consultations, we asked a lot of doctors, and finally decided to give birth to the child.During pregnancy, vitamins are supplemented in a timely manner according to the doctor’s instructions.After October, the child was finally born. After the child was born, there was no problem and very healthy.

So, will radiation necessarily affect the baby’s development?I think that if the radiation is great, it will definitely affect it.But within a certain range, there is no effect.Of course, pregnant mothers must try to avoid radiation during pregnancy.

To this end, many pregnant mothers are worried that electromagnetic radiation will endanger the baby in the belly. Any time she hear the word "radiation", it is not possible to avoid it.

1. X -rays

For mothers, such as excessive acceptance of X -rays, in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus will cause severe malformation, abortion and fetal death.Under normal circumstances, the effect of the chest or limbs, the impact of X -rays on the fetus is relatively small.The closer to the due date, the smaller the impact.However, if the amount of X -ray is within the allowable range, the general impact is very small

What needs to be emphasized is that for couples who are planning to be pregnant and preparing for pregnancy, in order to avoid the occurrence of natural miscarriage due to taking medicine or contact with X -ray, you should detect whether you are pregnant before each medicine or before X -ray. It is confirmed that he is not pregnant.Take medicine or take X -ray.In addition, for the sake of insurance, try to avoid pregnancy within 3 months after X -ray, including both men and women.

2. electric blanket

Specific mothers should not sleep with electric blankets.In the process of power-powered, electric blankets will indeed emit radiation, but the radiation frequency emitted by electric blankets is very low, which is ultra-low-frequency radiation. Ultra-low-frequency radiation refers to electromagnetic waves between 50-300Hz. Such electromagnetic radiation will not hurt people people will not hurt people.In the body of the body, the normal use of the population does not have side effects, but from a careful perspective, special groups such as pregnant women and babies do not recommend using electric blankets directly.

3. Microwave oven

Is there any harm to the microwave oven radiation? The reporter of CCTV’s "Focus Interview" specifically asked the inspection department to detect the radiation value of the microwave oven in normal state. The experimental results show that the microwave oven will not cause any harm to people.

The microwave oven is working through microwave, so it has a certain radiation when working.However, if it is normal, it will not affect the health of the human body. It is recommended not to worry too much about the radiation of the microwave oven.If it is a pregnant woman, in order to ensure the healthy growth and development of the fetus, the microwave oven should be avoided as much as possible.Although the microwave oven has large radiation, it can be prevented, and expectant mothers are relatively safe.

4, hair dryer

For most women, because the hair is too long, it is very difficult to dry after washing, so many women use a hair dryer to blow dry hair.

The harm of hair dryer radiation to the human body depends mainly on the time and frequency of contact and use of hair dryers.Under normal circumstances, normal use does not cause harm to the human body, but if the hair dryer is used frequently for a long time, it may cause the user’s central nervous system to suffer harm.

Although the hair dryer has a lot of radiation, because the frequency of use is small and the duration is short, it has little impact on the mother, and it is still a very safe electrical appliance.Keep your hands dry as much as possible during use, so as to avoid electric shock and endanger the health of the body.

5. Computer display and host

Many expectant mothers have been working on their jobs during pregnancy.This is inevitable to use the computer indirectly or directly.So, how big is computer radiation?

Both the keyboard and the radiation of the mouse are tested strictly, and the radiation doses may not have a lot of radiation received by mobile phones for ten minutes!

Although the impact of computer radiation on the fetus is not conclusive, it is as much as possible to contact as much as possible after all.The distance between maintaining a safe distance from the computer, during the work of work, can wear radiation protection uniforms, minimize the use time, and shut down in time when the computer is not used.

6. Mobile phone

Mobile phones are an indispensable item for people’s life, study, and work. It has promoted the development of human society. Under the correct and moderate use, it will not cause greater harm to the human body.However, if you use your mobile phones for a long time in dark environment, or if you use your mobile phone for a long time, it will be harmful to the health of the human body.

It is best to keep the phone away from the head when the mobile phone is exhaling to prevent the head from the head when the mobile phone is launch.When the mobile phone signal is just connected, it is in the maximum output power state, and the mobile phone has the largest radiation, so the phone should be kept away from the head at the moment of connection.When the signal is not good, the radiation will increase.It is recommended that expectant mothers use special headphones and microphones to answer calls to minimize the time for each mobile phone and use the number of mobile phones every day.When a long time calls, it is more scientific to alternate left and right ears or use headphones.

7. TV

TV generally has radiation to the human body.There are three aspects of the TV: TV:

The first is strong light and reflection light, which will cause eye fatigue, myopia, astigmatism, cataract, etc.; The second is the positive electrical ion, which affects the central nervous system, destroys red blood cells, and causes hematopoietic function.Low -frequency radiation is the most serious, but it is also the least harm to the least detective. The trace ultraviolet transmitted by the visually transmitted on the TV screen causes human cancer and baby deformity.

It is best to keep a distance of 2 meters from the TV when watching TV. There are appropriate lighting indoors to avoid eye fatigue. It is best not to watch TV for more than two hours.

8. Keyboard and mouse

There are more controversy about the radiation knowledge of keyboard and mouse. The Internet is circulating the two components with the largest computer radiation on the Internet, but experts believe that theoretically, electronic products will have radiation.The power of electronic products is related to the size, the greater the power and the stronger the radiation.

Among the four of the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and host, the host and display are obviously more power consuming.Therefore, it can be considered that the radiation of the keyboard and mouse is not great, and the impact on mothers has little impact.As long as the use time is controlled, how to use it is safe.

9. Coper and printer

Printers and copies are common in the office. Their radiation of the human body is very small. The radiation amount generated by the printer is actually small. For copy machines, radiation is not the main problem, and is generally within the scope of the state.

The most important copy of the copy is the main pollution source is the ozone generated by the pollution.Therefore, the photocopier is generally recommended in a ventilated place.If you are still worried about radiation, when you copy, you can, far away from the distance from the printing machine, the frequency of use can be reduced, which can be greatly reduced and radiation occurs.

10. Security inspection

Many expectant mothers have experience in a plane. Will the radiation of security checks affect the fetus?The amount of radiation of security checks can basically be ignored, and there is basically no significant impact on human health.In general security checks, including airports or subway security inspections, the security checks that check the parcels are wrapped tightly, so there is basically no rays for walking positions, and they are taken away after the parcels are wrapped, so there is generally no problem.

Although life is full of radiation, some radiation cannot be avoided.But within a certain range, radiation does not harm the human body.It cannot affect daily life due to radiation. If you do n’t watch TV, do n’t play mobile phones, do n’t use your computer during pregnancy … this is simply impossible.

During pregnancy, supplement nutrition in time to ensure adequate sleep, have a good mood, physical examination on time, and obey the doctor’s advice. These are the most important.

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