What nutrition should pregnant women supplement each month?It’s enough to read this

Pregnant mothers have a series of hard work in October to endure a series of physical occurrences.

In fact, the baby is very hard in the mother’s belly and worked hard to grow quietly every month when they grow up!

For example, in the first month, you have to grow a neurological organs for the 5th month to grow your teeth …

For mothers and babies, it is very important every month. If pregnant mothers do not supplement nutrition in time, they may affect the healthy growth of fetal treasures or even safe.

So what nutrients should be supplemented every month? How to add? Let me share with you today!

How to supplement nutrition during pregnancy is more effective

1st month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: folic acid

Function: Prevent fetal nerve organs from defects

Food: such as bread, noodles, white rice, and flour, as well as beef liver, spinach, dragon beard vegetables, asparagus, beans and apples, citrus, orange, etc.In addition to food supplements, folic acid tablets can also be taken to ensure the daily folic acid required.

Two months of pregnancy

Main nutrients: vitamin C, vitamin B6

Role: relieve gum bleeding, inhibit pregnancy vomiting

Food: Vitamin B6 is the nemesis of pregnancy vomiting.Foods rich in vitamin B6 include bananas, potatoes, soybeans, carrots, walnuts, peanuts, spinach, green pepper, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, spinach, lemon, strawberry, apples, etc.Animal foods are lean meat, chicken, eggs, fish, etc. there are more content.

3rd month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: magnesium, vitamin A

Function: Promote the growth and development of fetal baby

Food: It is easy to find magnesium in coloring oil, green leafy vegetables, nuts, soybeans, pumpkin, melon, sunflower seeds and whole wheat food.Sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, and mango all contain a large amount of VA.

I am in the fourth month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: zinc

Function: Prevention baby dysplasia

Food: oysters, oysters, liver, mushrooms, sesame, red shell, etc., especially in oysters, are particularly rich in oysters.

5th month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: vitamin D, calcium

Role: Promote the development of bones and teeth of fetal baby

Food: milk, pregnant women’s milk powder, yogurt, dried cheese, tofu, eggs or duck eggs, shrimp, fish, kelp, etc.In addition, expectant mothers should take calcium daily.It should be noted that calcium supplements run through the whole pregnancy.

Sixth month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: iron

Function: Prevent iron deficiency anemia

Food: Iron -rich vegetables, animal liver, lean meat, eggs, etc.You can also take 0.3-0.6 grams of sulfate from this month.

7th month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: "Brain Gold"

Function: Ensure the normal development of the baby’s brain and retinal

Food: walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and other nut foods, in addition to sea fish and fish oil.

8th month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: carbohydrates

Function: Maintain the body’s calorie needs

Food: rice, flour, millet, corn, oatmeal, etc.Generally speaking, expectant mothers need to eat about 400g of grain food daily, which is of great significance to ensure calories and save protein.

9th month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: dietary fiber

Role: Prevent constipation, promote intestinal peristalsis

Food: All kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits such as whole wheat bread, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bean sprouts, cauliflower and other fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber.

10th month of pregnancy

Main nutrients: thiamine (vitamin B1)

Role: Avoid extension of the output, difficulty in childbirth

Food: In the last month, all kinds of vitamins and sufficient iron, calcium, and sufficient water -soluble vitamins must be supplemented, especially the most important amine.The content of thiamine in sea fish is relatively high.

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