What may be a problem with non -menstrual bleeding

What’s wrong with vaginal bleeding during menstrual period

Sexual intercourse.This situation may be due to women with severe cervicitis and even cervical cancer, which can easily cause contact bleeding. There is also a type of bleeding caused by collapse of reproductive tract soft tissue caused by incorrect sexual ways or too violently.

Functional uterine bleeding.The main symptoms are shortened by the menstrual cycle. Menstruation may come twice to three times a month, and sometimes menstrual flow will be larger than usual, and irregularities will appear.This bleeding condition is mainly based on menstrual disorders caused by endocrine disorders.

Gynecological inflammation induces bleeding.Generally, trichomonas vaginitis and senile vaginitis may cause such bleeding. In addition, vaginal ulcers, including cervic inflammation, can induce bleeding with uterine inflammation and pelvic inflammation.

Bleeding caused by gynecological tumors.Young women suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome can cause irregular bleeding, and middle -aged women often have uterine fibroids; bleeding for women who have been amenorrhea does not mean that menstruation reappears, but it indicates that malignant diseasesSuch as uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian functional tumors.

Bleeding caused by pregnancy.Abnormal bleeding may occur during pregnancy, which may be caused by ectopic pregnancy, pre -placenta, hydatidal, placental early stripping, chorionic cancer, and threatened abortion and incomplete abortion.Taking ectopic pregnancy as an example, it is mostly manifested as a weeks of menstruation for about a week. The vagina bleeds more and less, endless, and it will also be accompanied by abdominal pain.

In addition, in addition to women’s own physiological reasons, sometimes taking emergency contraceptives can also cause vaginal bleeding.In order to contraception, some women often take various contraceptives, especially emergency contraceptives, which leads to vaginal bleeding. Therefore, doctors suggest that emergency contraceptives should not be reused many times. It is best not to exceed three times a year.

In summary, irregular bleeding in non -menstrual period may be caused by certain gynecological diseases, and sometimes caused by taking certain drugs. Therefore, once women find abnormal bleeding phenomena or abnormal menstrual periods, it is abnormal.Be sure to pay attention to the confirmation of the hospital early to ensure your health.

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