What kind of operation does pregnant women do not eat meat?Will it affect the health of the fetus?

After learning the joy of pregnancy, the most sad one for many pregnant mothers is the reaction during pregnancy.It was a good child who did not pick fat or thin. As a result, he was hit by the reaction during pregnancy.Especially the meat has not been out of the pot, and the taste follows the road to the nasal cavity, and the stomach starts to faintly resist. It is really greasy to taste.How long does it take to react during pregnancy, I don’t want to eat meat.

Both doctors and elders have advised that in order to be healthy for themselves and their children, they do not lose nutrition, and they have passed.But the fact is not so easy. The reaction during pregnancy is like motion sickness. Once you come, you can’t push it back.Everyone understands the principle of nutritional equilibrium, but how to solve the meat taste.

1. Does the pregnant mother affect the fetus?

It is only because of this special situation during pregnancy, the intake of "rain dew is stained" is particularly important.Due to the uncomfortable response during pregnancy, you do n’t eat meat, but when you encounter a doctor for a pregnancy test, you still have to ask if you do n’t have to eat the fetus if you do n’t eat it.If the test results do not show any adverse conditions, it means that the temporary not eating eaten does not have a bad impact on pregnant women and fetuses.However, it cannot be denied that animal protein is more likely to be absorbed by the human body than plant protein, and meat also contains a large amount of trace elements and minerals is an important element for helping the fetus grow.If you can’t stand the meat taste for the time being, you can eat it like this to balance the nutrition:

1. Change the cooking method when eating meat, make meat stuffing, meat porridge, or adjust the odor used to make meat is very heavy;

2. It can increase the intake of dairy products, supplement the nutrition of protein, vitamins, etc., but it should be noted that the soft cheese should not be eaten as much as possible, because most of it is made of non -high temperature sterilized milk.The danger of special bacteria infection;

3. Eat eggs, nuts and grains to balance nutrition.

2. Precautions for pregnant mothers to eat meat

After the uncomfortable pregnancy reaction, the meat still has to return to the pregnant mother’s table.However, there are some special matters in consumption to pay attention:

1. You must eat all cooked meat to prevent the danger of fetal malformations from parasites and bacteria in the meat.

2. There is a degree of consumption without amounts to avoid indigestion.

3. Prevent preparations, choose to choose carefully when buying meat to prevent unnatural meat from serving.

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